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    Mar 2003
    Sometimes when i turn on my a/c, i hear a sound identical to that of a worn out clutch (rough shifting sound) or when you shift into gears without stepping on the clutch all the way down accidentally...a mechanic told me that problem might be with the aircon clutch? i don't hear it when the a/c turns off then back on automatically, only when i first turn it on, at least once each time i use my car.

    How true could this be? i didn't know a/c's have clutch...

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    Nov 2003
    a/c's have clutches. this is what engages/disengages the compressor they get worn and will have excess play when the clutch is ubus na.

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    Mar 2003
    thanks speedyfix! you have any rough estimate how much would it cost to replace? and is it something urgent or should i just wait till i hear the sound everytime i turn it on? lastly, would this service be available at my suking a/c shop? thanks again!

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    Nov 2003
    price will depend on the car but you'll have to ask your ac shop how much it will cost kasi baba ng compressor yan to replace it. then they will clean the system narin if i'm not mistaken.

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    Oct 2002
    mura lang yan, and if kapos talaga budget there are even overhauled/rewinded clutches available for half the price. pwede pa yan gawin na hindi ibaba ang aircon compressor. kahit ako kaya ko yan, need mo lang ng internal circlip plers to remove the clutch from the aircon compressor shaft. medyo mahirap lang nga kasi masikip ang space at di kita directly yung circlip. pero pag may mirror at flashlight kita naman yun e. remove the pulley from the clutch, then remove the circlip that holds the clutch to the shaft, then use a puller to slide it from the shaft. yun lang, so simple! car aircon shops will tell you they need to remove the compressor completely kasi they want you to spend more money for replacement of filter-dryer, vacuuming and refrigerant recharging.

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    Sep 2005
    kung gusto mo makatipid pag pinagawa mo yan, Go to Mang Mario. kilala yan ng mga tsikoteers dito. kahit ako nasubukan ko na ang galing at mura ng singil ni Mang Mario.
    the best aircon shop for me! :D

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    Aug 2003
    1200 charge sa akin last year ni Mang Mario. pinalitan yung clutch ko with a new one. all in na yun: labor, R134a refill, cleaning.. binaba nga yung compressor.

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    Mar 2003
    thanks guys! yeah ive read all threads regarding mang mario's service...looks like im gonna need to come to him one of these days. agahan ko nalang nga cguro. I'll try canvassing around as well...mejo malayo ren kse at mukhang pila balde!

    *yebo: very informative! thanks!

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    Sep 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by orly_andico View Post
    1200 charge sa akin last year ni mang mario. Pinalitan yung clutch ko with a new one. All in na yun: Labor, r134a refill, cleaning.. Binaba nga yung compressor.
    sir, san ang shop ni mang mario? May landline/cell number ka niya? Salamat...

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