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    Dec 2003
    maybe you've been filling up with dirtier than average diesel. pero i really doubt that the D4D fuel filter will last 300k kms according to my agent, i almost laughed at his face.

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    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by larshell
    Diesel fuel is one factor but Toyota should know this! Im having this problem wd my Innova G diesel and my ODO reading is 5057 only. I also owned 4jx1 Trooper 65k na nagloko ang engine. Dapat kung hindi compatible ang mga engine na ito di sila dapat naglabas dito!Kung hindi pa kayo nakakabili ng D4D wag nalang kayo bumili.
    Your right! If d4d is not compatible with the dirty diesel here in the Philippines they should not release that kind of engine and take extra time on their research on how to make d4d engine that is not affected with the dirty diesel. Dapat nga kesyo malinis or hindi ang diesel dapat pwede ang makina mo kasi kaya nga nagiimoprove ang technology eh. parang nung ginawa nila ang d4d di sila nagtry if pwede sya sa maruming diesel. Don't worry, sa kasunod na generation ng d4d solve na ang problem na yan, sa mga 1st generation testing point palang nila yan kung ano ang mga nagiging problema... Relax ka lang larshell baka naman ma solve pa nila ang problem mo pero with 5K ODO pa lang parang nakakapanghinyang talaga. try to change ur suking gasoline station.

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    Sep 2004
    'Di ba supposedly sinubukan na ng Toyota yung 'double-filter' system nila sa dirty fuel?

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    Oct 2005
    I think Petron diesel fuel is the cleanest, and look for stations that has new pumps and are not prone to floods...

  5. jagxtrm Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by larshell
    No i did not put any additives or any biodiesel coz im afraid this may happen
    nangyari na nga
    bro, pa check mo na agad sa toyota yang innova mo habang may warranty pa. buti na lng lumabas ang problem agad.

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer
    maybe you've been filling up with dirtier than average diesel. pero i really doubt that the D4D fuel filter will last 300k kms according to my agent, i almost laughed at his face.
    300K? ..that's impossible, sure isasama yan ng toyota sa 40K pms for replacement hehe

    like the revo air filter should last 100,000km based from the filter itself and sa revo owner's manual, pero toyota is replacing them every 20K PMS hehe.. pero maitim na nga yung air filter at 20K so i have it replaced na..

    same case with fuel filter, you won't see how dirty it is, so it is better to have it replaced sa 20K or 40K pms..

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    Aug 2005
    What will happen to the car prices On the E-Vat very soon

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    Oct 2002
    kakatwa na nga tong government, may taxes na nga yung mga cars natin tapos ipapatong pa yung evat. d na nakuntento mga ogags.

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    Oct 2005
    (I posted this one earlier on another thread)

    I'm not so sure about the production date of the current D4D engine fitted on both the Fortuner and Innova, but i think it's about 1999ish(??). If this is the case, then this certain model is relatively proven. It could be a problem in the batch of ECU chip, or some other usual (?) mechanical problems outside the pathway of the engine's electronic controls (i.e. fuel filters, poor diesel fuel quality, like you've mentioned), or probably other glitches which can only be found on the IMV trio. I don't have much experience with diesel engines, so these are just my thoughts.

    FYI and "nice-to-know": the D4D just became more advanced with the new D4D 180 Clean Power Concept engine with D-CAT (Diesel Clean Advanced Technology) package, made available on the new Avensis model.

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    Oct 2005
    o baka naman sa sobrang pagmamadali nila sa assembly dahil sa mataas na demand eh bumaba ang QA threshold nila sa powerplant section....

Toyota D4D engine woes