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    Dec 2004
    AUV talaga ang Innova!.Pero yung second row seat ay talagang PANGIT!.Imagine pag ni recline mo ay medyo sira ang position.

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    Oct 2002
    Just saw an innova along EDSA.

    Its shape is VERY SIMILAR to the Crosswind XTO (without the body cladding) - though I was expecting it to be a mini-Previa. From the sides, its looks is very BORING and uninspired. Its rear wheel clearance isn't executed well (like the 323) and looks as if nakatukod. I was expecting it to be as butch as the Hi-Lux but it wasn't - just as big as the old Revo. But the rear was just really nicely done.

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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by rav7118
    bro epic,

    how tall are you? in your opinion, mas mahirap ba maupo sa third row ng innova kesa everest or crv - 8 seater? how about ang pagpasok sa third row, di ba ito mahirap? tnx.
    I'm only 5'8".. medyo mahirap maupo sa third row dahil mas mataas ang flooring sa third row as compared to second row..

    sa pagpasok you need to recline fully the second row seats to enter the third row.. so this makes it hard to be use as an FX taxi na...

    epic ;)

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    Sep 2004
    another thing i notice also young aircon nila for rear has secnd and third row vents so it means na may ducting there for aircon to pass or travel to...

    I ask them where is the location of evap/blower and it's on one of the side near the third row, that's why you will notice na mas mailit ang windows ng third row ng innova as compared to Revo now...

    Kasi if this is true, diba maytendency na humina ang blower ng aircon then after few years MAHINA NA ANG AIRCON for the rear seats na... kasi this is my experience with my liteace van, mahina ang hangin sa rear aircon KAYA ANG INIT PAG SUMMER...

    epic ;)

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    Sana wag na nila lagyan ng body cladding yung Innova in future models, kung sakali ang sagwa tignan and deadweight lang yun. BTW carlo, san ba nakalagay yung spare tire? same placement ba as Revo? IMO yung third row seats pang bata lang or young adults, virtually useless for adults lalo na pag matatangkad.

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    Sep 2004
    location of spare tire is same as revo also...that's why higher ang flooring for third row setas..


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    Sep 2003
    di ko alam kung na post na ito...

    eto yung 5 IMV project global standard models

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    Ang ganda ng Fortuner!!!! Pwede!!! Oppss OT.

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    Dec 2004
    I have a question.... Wat is better for a diesel engine innova? a manual transmission r an automatic transmission?

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    IMO.. manual.

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