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    Jan 2008

    I recently went to hong kong and saw this really nice black car parked near our hotel. before we'd go out walking or go back in our hotel I would literally stare, walk around, and almost drool :classic: at it for a really long time, whenever it was there. I was in love with it!:luv: it was de badged so i had no idea what it was, except that it is a toyota.

    I did some research and found out that the car was an ae111 trueno (correct me if I'm wrong ). I even found the exact car that I saw in one of the ad sites they have in hong kong!:bye2:

    After reading the specs for it my questions are;

    1.) Has anyone owned a model like this in the Phils?
    2) How much does it cost now?
    3) Where and how can I get one?
    4) Is it more practical to just sup up a 89-92 or big body corolla with the parts of this model?

    Hope u guys can help!

    thanks in advance

    I hope i can really get this car..

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    Aug 2004
    There's a guy over at FCP ( ), called johnsonlin who has one, you can ask.

    Nice looking car, terrific engine. Although, to be fair, you could probably set up the 92 (big body, AFAIK, was around 96... the 89-92 was still the smaller car) to be sportier using parts from one of these. Had a chance to take a ride in a 92 with a 20V blacktop swap, with the 6-speed LSD... good fun... and fully restored (with detailed lights and a good body, plus original TOM's mags), it looks fantastic.

    And it'd probably be a lot less of a hassle than an imported, converted, car.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2008
    Darn... that car looks good in black.

    More pics...

    4) Is it more practical to just sup up a 89-92 or big body corolla with the parts of this model?
    Di ba Trueno/Sprinter are 2 door models?

    Tingin ko doable naman with an engine swap and body kits....would probably cost you an arm "so to speak".....

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    Jan 2008

    thanks so much for ur reply! I was able to get in touch with him and will contact him soon to meet and take a look at his car.

    wish me luck with this car hunt!

ae111 trueno availability?