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    Feb 2010
    Good day mga AE111 people,
    I am not an expert or a Car Mechanic guys, just wanted to share this thing and hope it helps the other AE111 owners, and avoid the expensive mistakes I made. My AE111 GLI 1.6 Matic, the original issue was the Fuel Consumption (FC) increased dramatically to almost 5km/l - City Driving. It used to get around 7-8km/l which I believe is the normal FC. After observing the situation for weeks (and losing a lot money for gas), I read off the internet na it might be that the Idle Air Control Valve needs to be replaced or cleaned, had those done and eventually replaced it for Php 1800. Next was that Black shroud thing from the Air Filter connecting to the IAC kit was replaced for Php 800, both surplus parts. It did not contribute to anything whatsoever. Lastly, it was suggested to have the electrical stuff checked, basically to see if the IAC is connected to the ECU. I had it checked and the Electrician, right off the bat said that the 2nd hose, if you're facing the engine, the one on the right. The rubber hose that goes from that Air intake thing going to the engine (obviously I do not know what the hell that thing is called), was already "crispy" and had a lot of tears on it. The electrician replaced it and had the electrical thing checked. I just had Php 500 put in it and the FC seems to be back to normal at 7-8km/l. To make this long story short, before replacing anything like that IAC Valve and that Black Shroud thing, try checking those 2 rubber hoses from the engine to that Air Intake metal thing for tears or other issues. That might be the only problem if your FC is a little off. Hopes this helps guys! Cheers!

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    Dec 2009
    thanks bro...............printed for reference

For AE111 Fuel Consumption issue...hope it helps!