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    Nov 2010
    With an improved engine having 343Nm of torque for the outgoing 4x2G fortuner, sulit na sulit ito. P1.4M pero yung proma because of the hood scope aakalain mo na yung dating TOTL na V eh. Parang yung GLS V SE na may P200K discount. Kahit old model, at least brand new!

    Ito best selling na SUV right now imho. Kaya na-overtake nang Fort MS in the past year.

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    May 2014
    Pag fortuner tail lights maganda pag yung isa pangit. Hehe. Alam nyo na anong brand yung naka tear drop tail lights na pag naka side view ganyan din itsura ng tail light. Hehe
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    May 2014
    Aussie review. Nice one tho.
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    May 2005

    I presume this is the G variant? Smaller Mag wheels is a big downgrade.

    Should have been like this, same as the V variant.

    But then again how can TMPI entice people to choke out for the V variants if everything is so similar to the G.

    I think if sales turned sour, TMPI will change their attitude. The Everest, Mu-X, Montero are competent contenders so TMPI should not readily assume they will easily lord it out just like ten years ago.

    Another boo-boo for Toyota is they failed to provide grab handles for second row passengers. Everest and New Montero has it.

    Photo credits to Top Gear Phil.

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    Jun 2014
    Not so impressed with the looks. Musta kaya suspension nito

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    Oct 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by number001 View Post
    Another boo-boo for Toyota is they failed to provide grab handles for second row passengers. Everest and New Montero has it.

    Photo credits to Top Gear Phil.
    all new 2017 fortuner, now with grab handles para sa mga lola nyo. lol

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    Dec 2006
    I'd say that the lack of a sliding second row in the Everest is a much bigger oversight than the lack of handles on the Fortuner.

    Nonetheless, the Everest really seems to be the best value in that price range with the Trend/Titanium, but I still find the rear quite iffy. Not as downright awful as the Montero's rear, but still awkward.

    Also, the 2.2 feels labored with the heavy Everest, it really felt like I was driving a truck with a turbodiesel. The 2.4 felt very relaxed with the Hilux, I hope it stays as smooth with this heavier Fortuner.

    I find that the Fortuner looks the best among the PPVs simply because it's the most subdued. This is a car that'll be sold for a decade, so it better not get old quickly.

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    Dec 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by SkyFlakes88 View Post
    Disc brakes have more stopping power thus shorter stopping distance. Better heat dissipation. Also Better on flooded conditions than drums.
    These are true in theory, but in practice when used as rear brakes, there's virtually no difference.

    First, the bulk of the braking work is done by the front brakes. Most of the car's weight shifts forward when braking, stressing the front brakes and leaving the rear brakes with a minimal impact. I have an Altis G with rear drum brakes, and we previously had an Altis 2.0V with 4-wheel disc brakes. Absolutely no difference in braking power - the Altis G feels even more secure when braking due to the better suspension (less weight shift in the 11th gen vs 10th gen).

    Better heat dissipation only matters when you drive the car very hard, for a very long time. Again, my firsthand experience has shown me that even when you take a spirited on mountain roads for a few hours, the brakes don't fade, even if I used a car with rear drum brakes. The only time I experienced brake fade was when I drove an AT Vios 1.5 with 4 on board across the Marilaque highway without using much engine braking. But tell me, how many PPV-owners ever subject their cars to that kind of driving? The most extreme case you'd find is going downhill from, say, Baguio. Definitely not enough to cook your brakes unless you're fully loaded and refuse to engine brake (but then, even a Montero/Everest with 4-wheel discs will also experience brake fade under those conditions).

    When passing through floods, yes, discs have an advantage because they dry up faster. But again, remember, it's the front brakes that do most of the braking, and all cars today have front discs. Also, regardless of what rear brakes your car has, it's prudent to check your brakes after crossing a flood, and pumping them until they regain normal stopping power before speeding up.

    So yes, I agree with vinj that rear discs are really mostly an aesthetic advantage than a tangible, functional one.

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    Mar 2013
    Sorry jut. I have to disagree. I had the 2nd gen jazz which had all wheel disc brakes vs the 3rd gen jazz which has rear drum brakes. Brake fade is really noticeable after the 3rd or 4th hard braking action in the newest jazz. I lose confidence easily. The rear brakes still contribute to the overall braking power of the car. While the front is more important the rear still has a role to play.

    This will be more pronounced in a bigger and heavier car (which is rear wheel drive most of the time). Not everyone drives fast. But there's a significant percentage of drivers who push their cars (you and me amongst them). Rear drum brakes don't help in those circumstances.

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    Jan 2012
    Rear brakes are still used as they wear out only slightly faster than the fronts. My sister has a 2007 forester with rear drums and the brakes can fade too. The feel of the brakes is quite rubbish too.

    What i dont like is how they've skimped on so many features, some of which are legally required in some countries. Even the totl is feature scrimped compared to its rivals.

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