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    Mar 2005
    My Mom & Dad just got their new Grandia Commuter... After they told me the price, I was taken aback by what I saw inside the unit! This unit doesn't look like it cost a peso higher than P700T. But, Toyota is selling these at P1.078M, exclusive of insurance!

    Take a look for yourselves!

    Cheap seats with no headrests...

    There are no power windows and no central locking system. It has only basic wheels with hubcaps. And, the walls are covered with "lawanit" with a thin vinyl laminate.
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    Mar 2005
    Here's more...

    "Lawanit" wall on the tail door!

    The very basic dash board...

    After seeing the unit, I kinda felt sad that I recommended getting it. What was Toyota thinking, trying to pass this off as an over P1M vehicle? This is definitely highway robbery!

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    Aug 2005
    that does definitely not look like a car worth more than a million! i really believe that automobile companies here are really overpriced and don't offer much in their units.

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    Aug 2004
    di man lang pinintahan yung lawanit sa rear door... mas loaded pa yata yung APV matic *750k jan..

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    Jun 2004

    IMO you get much for your money if you would buy a Honda CR-V or even a Nissan X-Trail. But these are in a different class.The Hi Ace Commuter is more for hauling people.

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    May 2005
    Definitely not a good bargain there...
    Looks nice outside but, very poor quality inside... What the #&%$ !!!
    Is this what Toyota quality now is all about???

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    Aug 2005
    nakita ko na yan ah.. maganda pa nman pormo.. something new.. kaso ang price naging over na.. ayaw ko nyan kahit bago sya!

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    Apr 2004
    i think it was priced that way because of the tax, kasi its CBU from Japan. Mahal kasi pag galing Japan compared kung galing ASEAN. I definitly agree, the Commuter looks really cheap and has lackluster interior but its soooooo spacious.

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    Oct 2005
    P1.1M???? e how much na yung hi-end na nilabas nila for the hi-ace?

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    Oct 2002
    I guess it comes with having the latest platform.

    But nevertheless, I wouldn't get one even at Php 800K.

    The topline model costs around Php 1.5M right?

    Seatmate has an interior upgrade package priced around Php 70K.
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2005 Hi Ace Commuter... Should this really cost P1.1M?