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    Oct 2002
    I don't own one but its my wish rig when I have the finances already to afford one on my own. Let's hear it from you Sammy owners...

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    Oct 2002
    1. silent engine. minimal vibration. solved my vibe problems by replacing the engine mounts.

    2. easy to park, though it doesn't have PS, the steering is just right for me.

    3. abundant/cheap parts

    4. easy to lift (body) up to 2 inch

    5. strong brakes

    6. electronic ignition (no contact point)

    1. blind spot sa pillar (is this the right term?)

    2. no PS, but you can install one.

    3. weak aircon

    wala na akong maisip. tomorrow na lang
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    Feb 2004
    - cheap parts
    - go anywhere, park anywhere capability
    - unassuming presence (di takaw nakaw)
    - able to leap tall buildings.. ah eh able to park in tight spaces pala
    - relatively good for gasoline engine water-fording capabilities
    - easy to clean
    - has an incredible amount of space surprisingly
    - very good brakes
    - responsive engine
    - easy to modify in all aspects

    - limited driver seat adjustment
    - ill-fitting rear door (because of the spare tire)
    - blind spot on right when merging from left of traffic (thanks fredo)
    - window crank placement
    - poor sound insulation
    - lousy aircon (changed the impeller to a larger one)
    - front passenger side chair mechanism not robust enough
    - poor rain insulation for rear windows
    - very limited speaker location (front only)
    - poor quality (at least our model 92) fiberglass roof
    - no built-in gas tank armor
    - small gas tank (30 li lang sa amin)
    - lousy oem horn
    - lousy stock static seatbelts

    i guess that's it for me
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    Jun 2004
    same likes plus:
    - can park almost vertically
    - can make u-turns across islands
    -looks good dirty or clean
    - needs minimum maintenance
    - easy to modify suspension & engine

    - verrrry heavy glass top & liftgate
    - bad for passengers with osteoporosis
    - ornery shifter
    - leaky during heavy rain
    - seat ergonomics for pygmies
    - once mistaken for a very well-made owner jeep

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by tricky
    - once mistaken for a very well-made owner jeep...
    Sakit ng tyan ko katatawa... :bwahaha:

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    Oct 2002
    Hahahahaha!!! I rolled on the floor laughing also!

    Tricky: Sino nag comment na yun?

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    Jun 2004
    Isang babaeng naka Exalta. Nampootsa, napilitan tuloy ako mag-lift at magpalit ng MTs

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    Oct 2002
    ...ah kasi naka stock form. No offense to stock sammy owners, but mukhang "kawawa" pag naka stock heigth and tires ang samurai. talaga bang nag li-leak ang sammy pag malakas ang ulan? di ba ma-solve ito?

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    Nov 2002
    leak san?..

    mukha nga ok un porma pag kargado.. hehehe

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    Feb 2004
    sa '92 model, doon sa door sill sa medyo taas ang nagli-leak pagmalakas ang ulan. but I think they remedied the problem by changing the design of the weatherstrip which I noticed in the later models. wala kasing rain gutter before the doors so the tendency of the rainwater is to head straight into the gap between the frame and the door.

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Samurai owners:  What do you like best and despise about your Sammy?