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    Nov 2002
    any comments on the grand vitara? how about the xl7?

    readily available din ba ang pyesa sa araneta ave (mentioned in one of the threads here na sure daw na may mga pyesa ng vitara)..

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    Oct 2002
    Drool ako palagi whenever I see a Grand Vitara. I love its styling. Parang toy pa rin.

    I think parts should not be a problem considering that parts availability for the Vitara classic isn't much of an issue. I have a friend who owns a 2.0 GV and medyo malakas daw sa gas pero tolerable naman. I think driving style niya lang siguro.

    My friend mechanic told me that one weakness of earlier GV models was the evaporator (or was it the condenser?) Sorry can't recall anymore. Pero according to him, it was just an isolated case sa first batch of models because these were CBU units from Japan so siguro there was a "Tropicalized" issue again. Pero it has been solved with later releases already.

    I love the Grand Vitara. I'd choose it any day over the CRV or RAV4. Full-frame chassis with manual transfercase. Wohoo!!! Pero I wouldn't bring it sa trailing. Sayang lang. Mas trail-worthy ang classic Vitara than the GV in my opinion.

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    Oct 2002
    ok sakin grand vitara..ganda inside and, its still a zuk..great performers off road..

    for the xl-7, its function before form :p
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    Jun 2004
    hoy caloyski! bakit gising ka pa? Tama ka, the GV looks & performs great. Palitan mo na Musso nyo. The XL-7 looks like a pregnant GV including the bulbous nose, medyo matrona dating

comments on grand vitara / xl7