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    Jun 2003
    try inquiring at monroe marketing
    i think mine i got for around less than 7k
    i couldnt remember

    whooaaaa if oem would be that high might as well get the aftermarket ones

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    Jan 2005
    if that's the case, ganun na nga. and to think the 9000 i think is 9-way adjustable? i'll definitely try to contact them. do you guys have their contact details? thanks in advance.

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    Jun 2003
    try calling 187 and ask for their number

    but please do take note that when u get the rs9000x you would have to adjust your shocks manually

    unless you decide to get the optional in cab kit thingy which is not practical but thats another story

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    Jan 2005
    hmmm...i'll see if it might be compatible with the adjuster of the pajero. thing is, it's only 3-way. ehehehe. thanks sheep!

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    Apr 2005
    Another excellent suggestion: KYB Adjustable Shocks! Good performance and price-friendly![/QUOTE]

    Where can we buy the KYB Adjustable Shocks? Contact numbers and loacation please.

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    Oct 2002
    i did some research for a friend's Gen 2.5 after posting at the merged Gen 2.5 Pajero thread on this board. here are what i got for your reference:

    Redback-BF Paranaque (Contact Person: Lito 8250883)
    Bilstein (Not Adjustable) P6,500 2 years warranty
    Rancho RS9000X (Adjustable) P7,500
    Tough Dog (Adjustable) By order (For reference, P11k yung sa Patrol)
    Labor Inclusive

    RIDE - Banawe: (Contact Person: Ana 7112127)
    Pro Comp ES1000 Fluid shocks P2,500 *
    Rancho RS9000X (Adjustable) P6,250 * - by order, 10 days lead time
    Bilstein (Not Adjustable) P6,500 *
    Labor Inclusive

    RATS - Pasong Tamo: (Contact Person: Armand)
    Old Man Emu (Not Adjustable) P5,200 *
    Labor 200 *

    Warranty is 1 year for Ride and Rats. Yung Rancho pala, although adjustable, sa ilalim (sa shocks mismo) ina-adjust. Plus P17K for the compressor so you can adjust in-cabin. I don't think they can adapt the OEM adjustment switch of the Gen 2.5 to the Rancho.

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    Aug 2004
    yung RS5000 nasa P3750 (not adjustable) kuha namin.

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    Oct 2002
    naka KYB Gas Adjust ako ngayon 800 lang he..he
    pero hindi adjustable...labo ano.

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    Jan 2005
    thanks IMm29! hulog ka ng langit! :D

    kimpoy: eheheheheh...onga. adjust na hindi adjustable. ;)

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    Feb 2004
    guys, just to confirm...

    rancho rs9000x at 6,250 each means 25000 pesoses. is that right?

    is just the shocks that needs to be changed or manganganak pa ang gastos nito?

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