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    Feb 2007
    Just wanted to know if it is advisable to install passenger car tires on an SUV instead of the usual 4x4/SUV tires that the different brands have?

    This is assuming that all specs are the same as stated in the manual -- size, load & speed index?

    I ask this because it is quite difficult to look for an affordable yet decent performing tire for my Grand Vitara since its tire size is quite uncommon/unpopular (235/60/16).

    I was offered a Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 for P4,400 which is way cheaper than the SUV tires I saw. (Federal - P6,500, Yokohama - P6,800, Bridgestone - P6,100).

    Only drawback is that when I researched about the Kumho Ecsta SPT, it seems that this particular tire was made for cars and not SUV's, hence my apprehension.

    What do you guys think?

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    Mar 2005
    Pwede yan sa SUV sir yan nakalgay sa Sta Fe namin. Medyo nakaka irita lang yung road noise niya

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    Nov 2011
    check the rating sir. it might be 91H..(commonly used 16" on OEM mags/ex. civic 07) this rate is for cars and might not get hold of the weight of your SUV and might have a problem. i had an issue on this.. a very bad one! I did purchased bridgestome 205/55/16 due to its affordability but later on pay the price of buying it. not sure to describe it,but it blew!.. i parked at a side walk and like an ordinary van just went down the side walk and heard boom at the front left side of the van.. i went out and checked it. there is a slit on the outer layer of the sidewall!! how could that happened? the tire rating is incorrect the type of vehicle that I am using. It should be 93-94H and above. btw. my ride is a toyota/estima.

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    Oct 2002
    As long as the load and speed rating are good enough, it will work. Most SUV's don't even use LT (light truck) tires anymore.
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Passenger Car Tires for SUV?