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    Oct 2006
    Hi po mga sir,

    Sensya na po sa tanong ko... can anybody tell me what's the difference between power steering fluid and automatic transmission fluid... somebody told me po kc that these are the same...TIA

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    Oct 2002
    Yes you can use ATF as your Power steering fluid. Tho some brands have fluids specifically for power steering.

    In my rig, the dexron III ATF fluid I use in my tranny is the same fluid specified for my power steering.

    Just read your manual what specs your power steering requires and you'll be fine.


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    Oct 2002
    Check your manual. Most (but not all) vehicles require ATF in their PS systems.
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    Nov 2003
    it's normally safe to use atf is most power steering systems.

Diff between power steering fluid and Auto Trans Fluid