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    Oct 2002
    yehey! ok! alright! in two weeks bibili na ako ng tires!
    na solve ko na type: all terrain
    na solve ko na rin size 31x10.5x15

    guys help naman sa brand eto pinagpipilian ko
    Dunlop Grandtrek AT2

    Pirelli Scorpion AT

    Yokohama Geloandar AT (+) II

    Bridgestone Dueler AT

    first concerned i want a smooth ride
    tapos squarish para mataas, dont like donut type

    san kaya pede bumili ng rear shackels, 2 inches longer than stock
    btw ride ko Gen 1 strada

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    Oct 2002

    Wag kang maingay, sa iyo and otep ko lang sinabi na nagpalit ako ng gulong.:mrgreen:

    Eto pala mini review:

    Yokohama Geolander A/T + II 31x10.5x15

    First time kong bumili ng A/T. My previous tire is a Goodyear Aquatred A/S (?) and Michelin both 235 70 R15 M+S.

    Apprehensions ko before buying in the order of importance:
    1. Baka bumigat ang steering .
    2. Baka tumigas ang ride.
    3. Baka lumabas sa fender.
    4. Baka maingay

    But after driving it home yesterday, surprice, surprice, the steering was light. The ride, which was really bouncy sa Michelin, less sa Goodyear, was comfortable. The tire is tall and it doesn't protrude the fender, kind of squarish (like the Pirelli Scorpion). And after driving at 90 kph (10 kph over my speed limit:shock doesn't sound any different from the Michelins and the Aquatreds.

    Braking power was somewhat reduced (expected). Not the same old biting power of the Mich and Goodyears M/S.

    Price here in Manila Tomas Mapua (formerly Misericordia st.) Blumentritt is P4,400 w/ balancing on all four's. Princees Tire Supply, Tomas Mapua cor. Laguna. tel. 02-2541904

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    Oct 2002
    gotten to use the Grandtrek AT2 pa lang on 2 vehicles. 285/65R17 on my Exped, 235/75R15 on our Santa Fe. Haven't tried the size you're looking for though.

    to pattern my comments after Afrasay's (if you don't mind):
    - steering on both vehicles wasn't a problem. same steering response as with the previous tires (Firestone Wilderness AT 265/70R17 and Kumho Powerstar 215/70R15, respectively).
    - ride was pretty much the same as with the previous tires. the exped's understandably coz AT rin yung Firestone. the santa fe's surprisingly, coz light truck street tire yung Kumho.
    - as to noise, perhaps the exped is better insulated, coz la akong napansin na additional noise. but with the santa fe, medyo maingay.
    - looks, for some reason, the corners on the 285/65 aren't as squarish as those on the 235/75. this was surprising, coz for us, we'd prefer the one with the less squarish edge. on the exped, we got what we wanted. ok na rin yung sa santa fe, but medyo squarish nga. since you like squarish, then this should be a good tire for you.
    - price. just for reference, 235/75R15 Grandtrek AT2s were P3,500 a few months back.

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    Oct 2002
    thanks keep it coming

    one more thing my stock tires now is 255/70/R15

    will it affect my steering and handling? how about accelaration? when i switch to a bigger tire (31s)

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    Oct 2002
    Kimps::: pre, the scorpion looks wider than similarly sized tires. Im not sure about the ride though. Im using 32"x11.5" GrandTrek AT1s yung dati kong gulong Dueler AT na 31x10.5. Gumanda yung ride and lubak absorption, but im not sure if this is because of the tire itself or the increase in size :D

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    Oct 2002
    Up to the time na nasa store ako Dunlop and Yokohama ang pingpipilian ko. Noon nakita ko yun yon actual ng Yoko, aba eh di yun na. I choose Yoko dahil medyo wider yon gap between rubber. Yon Dunlop AT2 parang M/S lang. Mas maganda pa yon AT1 ng Dunlop.

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    Oct 2002
    eh magkano naman yung AT1?

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    Oct 2002
    Wala na pong AT1 na labas. Mayroon nasa labas ng tindahan pero 16" , nakatambak lang pero mukhang bago.

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    Oct 2002
    Wala na pong AT1 na labas. Mayroon nasa labas ng tindahan pero 16" , nakatambak lang pero mukhang bago.

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    Oct 2002

    Don't worry about the 31's. Stock tire ng Strada iyan sa ibang markets. Dun ako sa Yokohamas.

    Pero parang nagpapantasya ako dito tungkol sa Dunlop M/T's. Hayop.
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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