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    Sep 2006
    US announces largest steroid bust in history

    Agence France-Presse
    Last updated 10:58am (Mla time) 09/25/2007

    WASHINGTON -- Law enforcement authorities said they had smashed the biggest illegal steroid ring in US history on Monday following a two-year investigation that spanned 10 countries, including China.
    "Operation Raw Deal," cracked down on every aspect of the underground network from manufacturing to distribution to the actual buyers, the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) said in a statement.
    During the operation, which began in December 2005, some 56 steroid labs were closed, 11.4 million steroid dosage units were seized, as well as 242 kilos (534 pounds) of raw steroid powder "of Chinese origin," the DEA said.
    Some 50 people were arrested inside the United States during the operation's final takedown, which began on September 14, the DEA added.
    The US operation took place in conjunction with enforcement operations in Mexico, Canada, China, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Thailand, it said.
    DEA agents "successfully attacked the illegal steroid industry ... from the manufacturers in China who supply the raw materials, to the traffickers in the United States who market the deadly doses," said DEA Administrator Karen Tandy.
    Athletes commonly use steroids to increase muscle mass.
    Buyers "are solely motivated by a desire to gain an unfair competitive advantage by using illegal performance-enhancing substances," said Terry Vermillion, who heads the Office of Criminal Investigations in the US Food and Drug Administration.
    The DEA described Operation Raw Deal as a "four-prong strategy" that focused on raw material manufacturers and suppliers in the China and other countries; US, Canadian and Mexican underground laboratories; US-based websites that sell kits needed to convert the raw steroid powder into finished product; and Internet bodybuilding discussion boards.
    The Internet chat rooms are "are the catalysts for individuals to learn how to illicitly use, locate and discreetly purchase performance enhancement drugs, including anabolic steroids", the DEA stated.
    News of the raid follows a series of sports doping scandals in the United States. Baseball's Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants has been the subject of persistent accusations of steroid use in recent years.
    Pro wrestler Chris Benoit killed himself after murdering his wife and son earlier this year. An autopsy discovered he had 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his body at the time of his death.

    Marami ng athlete ang umaabuso dto

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    Oct 2002
    Hehe why don't they make arrests during Olympia, Ironman, Nationals events... Dami agad sila makukuha dun.

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    Jun 2007
    people tend to do anything just to be on the top. fame and fortune dude that is the root or let say it is the human opportunistic nature that drove them and be blinded by the truth. they still go on even though they fully understood the consequences. they are in complete denial..."oh no no no it is ok! it will not happend to me, hey i'm not stupid or something! i know these things." amen dude... hasta la vista baby.. see you in next life.

    so then again as the saying goes, when there is demand naturally, there is supply.

    but then again, who are we blaming here? the people who use it? the supplier? the goverment? or it is a collective one or maybe simply just a sign of time.

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    Oct 2002
    i heard about this...diba eto yung main supplier ng WWF?

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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by theveed View Post
    Hehe why don't they make arrests during Olympia, Ironman, Nationals events... Dami agad sila makukuha dun.
    Oo nga e, impossibleng ganun kalaki ang mga muscles sa ordinary o hard workout e

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    Aug 2007
    naku, beware muna sa mga gym. bka instead of roid rage e ibang klaseng rage ang makita nyo. nyahahaha...
    malulungkot mga tropa ko nito

Largest steroid bust!