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    Aug 2003
    Anybody got first hand experience on samsung laptops? My brother's considering on buying one kasi but I haven't used any of their units.


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    Nov 2009
    do Samsung netbooks count in your query? if so, my wife's using a N220 Plus netbook as an alternative to our bigger laptop... convenient to bring around...

    noticeable delay compared to laptop/notebook... other than that it performs very well...

    meron na ata mas bagong series neto released recently.

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    Aug 2010
    In the netbook category, Samsung is well known for their build quality. No flexing whatsoever. That fact and the matte screens (importante ito over time, trust me) helped propel it to #2 spot just behind Asus in the netbook category. In fact, most online reviews pit a Samsung netbook vs Asus netbook.

    Seems like Acer was left behind. Still, I love their Timeline 1810T series. If you can spare a bit of cash, ULV processors have my thumbs up. Intel Atoms bottlenecks performance way too much IMO.

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    Jun 2006
    Just get an Asus. Samsung is unreliable esp their IT products.

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