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    Jan 2004
    additional na tanong po...

    If ever HK na nga bibilhin ko... should I get the AVR130 or AVR230??? P5K difference....worth it ba? ano ba makukuha kong kakaiba sa 6.1 over 5.1???

    Pasensya na sa daming tanong....thanks!!!

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    Oct 2002
    5.1 -> supports only a center, front, side/rear & sub

    6.1 -> can support an additional rear center. IMO if you don't have the space for a rear center then it is not worth it.

    Yammie -> for HT / movies, kinda bright. IMO, mag Yammie ka na lang.

    HK -> for music, warm sounding!

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    Aug 2004
    imo, mas ok if you audition both yammie and hk receivers para you can choose the best receiver that fits your preference.

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    Jan 2004
    Thanks guys!

    I think I will audition them...pero being a newbie, I doubt na I can hear the difference (but will try though)...

    Meron ba kayong ibang brand/model na suggestion?

    Still not sure if 5.1 or 6.1 dapat sakin... no problem naman sa space, medyo malaki naman yun room.


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    Feb 2005
    Get the 8.1 or 9.1 of Diamond series of Wharfedale.

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    Aug 2004
    if budget is not a problem imo, better go for a 6.1 receiver na for future upgrade... other brand of receivers are denon, marantz, etc... try to visit park square 1, maraming audio stores doon that carry yammie, hk, marantz, denon, etc.
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    Feb 2005
    Aside from Park Square 1, try mo din sa Lower Levels ng Makati Cinema Square.

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    Feb 2004
    bumili ako ng 2.1 na altec lansing wala lang, nangungulit


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    Feb 2005

    kenwood receiver
    apex dvd player
    KLH home theater 6.1 speakers
    21" sony wega

    (lahat imported.. hehehe!)

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    Oct 2002
    maestro....I cannot comment on what brand of AVR should you buy coz hindi pa ako nakakarinig ng Velodyne speakers execpt for their great subs....Hindi ko alam ang characteristics nung speakers kung bright, warm or laid back sounding sya....for sure eh for HT talaga ang design nyan based on the website, so Im assuming na nasa bright sounding side sya..... so...
    1. If you get a Yamaha for a receiver...this AVR is a bit bright that's why it excels well in HT application... and add a bright sounding speakers maybe also great in that application but just imagine how will it sound in music listening? it might be fatiguing and ear piercing in the long run...

    2. HK receiver are more on the musical side of things, say 70% music - 30% HT thus having its warm tames too bright sounding speakers and enhances a laid back sounding speakers... IMO this is your best bet for your upcoming speakers BUT I might be wrong in assuming that the Velodyne speakers are on the bright side....

    3. Try also to consider Denon/Onkyo/Pioneer/Kenwood and other AVR in the market....just a note I find Pioneer also on the bright side (the entry level models only, but its diff. case if it is their mid-flagship model), Denon is quite a balanced for both...its quite good in music and HT lets say 60%music to 40% HT same with Onkyo's...

    4. If I were you, I will bring your upcoming speakers to the AVR store and audition it w/ different AVR's until you find a suitable unit to your hearing taste. Bring a familiar CD w/ you w/ different genders, pop/rock/jazz and the likes and if you want concentrate more on the music that you're into because some speakers are great in pop/rock but sound differently in Jazz and musicals.... Bring also you're favorite DVD's or a very familiar DVD w/ you....

    5. and finally, audition with not just one store, its better if you have audition in so many places coz at least you can see the sound difference in diff. environments, you might also get a better deal out of these as well. Also try to audition the AVR's using a source that is not the hi-end products, ask them to use a source that is similar to yours or at least within that bracket because you might be dissapointed when you bring it home and it sounded so different using your DVD/CD players....

    yan na lang muna......hehehehe haba na eh...

    and before I forgot....Bring a good friend with you..........

    to help you carry your speakers, sources and other stuff while auditioning from store to store.....hehehehehe

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