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    Oct 2002
    also DTX speakers are bi-wire-able, ang galing!
    value for the money
    galing ng pinoy!!!

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    Oct 2002

    oks na ba ang DTX as fronts?

    or medyo lacking pa rin? or Gale na lang kaya?

    pinagdalawang isip mo kasi ako sa MA eh! hehehe... kasi am mostly into HT...

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    Oct 2002
    yup, sabi nga sa akin sa Pinoydvd and i quote.
    kimpOy, Yamaha.... your next option would be Mission M7 series like the M74i and M73i if you say for movie this combo is nice but when it comes to audio mmmhh is ginda bright due to Yamaha charactistics.. and not the speakers..

    Gale speaker - have not heards this speaker but according to some it have similar character with Mordaunt short...

    Mordaunt short - heard this speaker pair with HK and Marantz and show very nice touch in music and HT parang 50/50 ok ito..

    IMHO... any speaker CAN SOUND good if your AVR is also Good sounding and syempre the source is also important..

    Its more of finding the PROPER match components and not exactly a good brand produce good result..

    Have heard the following combo and IMHO have nice sound.. rate ko 1 - 10 in terms of overall performance..

    Yamaha-Mission - 8
    Yamaha - Wharf - 6
    Yamaha - Monitor Audio - 7
    HK - Wharf diamond- 10
    HK - MOnitor Audio b4, b2- 10
    HK - Mission M73i - 7
    NAD - MOnitor Audio b4, b2 - 9
    NAD - Mission M73i - 8
    Marantz - Mission - 8
    Marantz - Wharf - 7
    Onkyo - Wharf - 7
    Onkyo - B&W - 8
    what i liked about DTX is the high sensitivity. (91db) meaning madaling i drive. plus mainly on HT ako so ang receiver ko usually ang magdadala. also hindi rin naman ako mapapahiya sa audio.
    konting adjust lang ng treble.
    and as i've said hindi siya cheap looking parang TANNOY MX4M nga ang dating eh, balak ko ngang alisin yung DTX na logo saka ko malagay ng tannoy logo he..he

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    Oct 2002
    sabi rin sa akin ng kaibigan kong audiophile
    you can get (almost) the same sound for HT, without burning your pocket. answer DTX.

    now kung music, ibang usapan yan.
    Harman/Kardon + Monitor Audio
    i listened to livingston taylor's isnt she lovely
    grabe parang nasa harap ko si livingston taylor
    smooth, round, warm music!

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    Oct 2002

    Get off your seat and go to your friendly avshop to AUDITION!!

    Reading it is different from HEARING it!

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    Oct 2002
    correct you are SLAYER,
    above mention were theoretically speaking.
    and only good, great to my ears.

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    Oct 2002

    Kamusta setup pre? Kumpleto na ba? ;)

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    Oct 2002
    hindi pa,
    kakatamad lumuwas pre,
    pero meron na akong Receiver at DTX floorstanders which will be my rear

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    Oct 2002
    kakatamad kasi!!! hehehe... pero sige, mag leave ako ng isang araw next week para pakinggan yang DTX...

    so far, napakinggan ko pa lang lately is HK + MA (audio setup)... will go back this saturday for the HT setup... so far so good with the audio setup... parang nasa harap ko yung kumakanta... B2 is nice but the S2 is really good!

    also heard MS, which I don't really like...

    the Infinity Entra is also nice!!! almost bought this a few months ago...

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    Oct 2002
    audition is the key,
    founded out that a tweaked/broken-in DTX Floorstanders
    can be a par with branded entry level speakers.

    the price was just a bonus. 3,800 a pair

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