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    Sep 2003
    I saw this news item over at ANC, which says: "Filipinawifestore Apologizes for Parody".

    Curious....... I "googled", and this is what I found:


    Welcome to (

    Are you a busy guy looking for the perfect wife from the third world? If you are like us, you have found that searching, selecting, chatting, visiting and marrying a wife from the third world take a lot of valuable time that could be spent doing other things like going to strip clubs, football games and hunting. If you wish there was a service to do this for you then,

    You have come to the right place!

    We have taken all of the work out of the process for you. We have thousands of ideal wives just waiting to marry you. Here are some of the benefits of ordering a wife from us:

    - She will cook and clean for you
    - She will have *** with you any time you want
    - She will not express her opinion or get mouthy with you
    - She will take care of your kids from your prior marriage(s)
    - She requires nothing other than rice and fish to eat
    - She can be traded in for another within 5 years

    We also the guesswork out of it for you. All you have to do is fill out the "Order a wife" form and she will arrive anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on which shipping options you choose. Make sure you get an extra prescription of Viagra, because you are gonna need it!


    Sama naman ng description nila sa Filipina wife......
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    Jan 2007
    tsk tsk tsk tsk, well that's life.anyway, di lang naman sa mga pinay nangyayari yan.even sa mga rich nations meron nyan.

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    Oct 2002
    Mukha namang hindi totoo parang comedy ang dating... pero nakaka degrade parin sa mga kababaihan natin..malamang i papa close din yan

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    Oct 2002
    there was a disclaimer, I quote:

    "This website is a parody. We do not advocate human trafficking in any form and only made this website to illustrate the mindset of some men that will meet women on the internet, profess their love, and get engaged to be married all without meeting face to face. if you know a man or woman that is contemplating marrying someone they do not even know, direct them to Bahay ng Ningas for an intervention. "

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    Oct 2002
    Click on their Media Coverage and it explains everything:

    "It has Come to our attention that this website has been featured in news stories all over the world. The story was originally aired on ABS/CBN news in The Philippines and has caused an outrage and insulted some Filipinos. It was not our intention to insult Filipinos. It was and is directed towards western men that believe they can go to developing countries, find them a girl and she will marry him out of desperation and become his *** toy/servant/nanny/cook etc. We strongly condemn this practice and merely wanted to illustrate the problem.

    On many web forums men come looking for advice on how to get their own "Filipina" as if they are a commodity. After tiring of these posters, we created the site and would give the poster the link to the site in an effort to show him how rediculous he was acting. Suprisingly, some men would actually order a wife even though there was and is a disclaimer on the site stating that the site is a parody. Of course these orders were disregarded. We are not in the penpal/mailorder bride business.

    There are links to a forum called Bahay ng Ningas . This forum is not connected with the creator of this website, however there is a lot of good information on the site. If you read the posts, you will find that BNN "takes the gloves off" when dealing with posters looking to purchase "their own" Filipina and those that are *** tourists. Most members of BNN are married or dating Filipinas and have the highest regard for their mates. The other members ARE filipinas. If you would like to read about the "target audience" of this website, go to the section of BNN called "Hall of Shame". It is called The Hall of shame because of some posters which have what the "mainstream" membership of the forum considers as "abnormal" like to post their sillyness, so it is moved to their section.

    There are many websites out there that cater to *** tourists and other deviants that need to be investigated. Some, such as the AC2 board, actually give reviews of bars in Angeles City including photos and videos of the girls working there in bars owned by Europeans and Australians.

    Once again, we appologize for any misunderstandings that happened in spite of our disclaimer stating this site is a parody. We mean no harm to filipinos. We care about them so much that we created this site as are way of bringing light to the situations that IMBRA covers in an effort to educate people. "

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    Dec 2005
    Inspite of the disclaimer, it is not good to be singled-out here... Real bad image projected to millions of people out there.....


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    Oct 2002
    It's a satirical website... people should've smelled it from the start... actually it is directed more against Western men than Pinays. :lol:
    Last edited by mazdamazda; July 18th, 2007 at 07:45 AM.

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    Mar 2005
    some filipinas hit it big time pag nakakuha ng mamayaman matanda kano. in fact mas mayaman pa sa'tin. sa eastwood lang dun sa 2nd flr kung saan andun yun mga model units, may mga filipinas na namimili dun

    in another point of view, I know an American who feel much the same way
    dun sa conditions above. in fact, pag pumupunta dito yun , ang inaatupag eh mag-stambay sa Manila bay at ma-mickup ng pinay. yun asawa niya na pinay na almost 50 na kebigan ng mom ng wife ko, hayun naiwan sa Florida kayod ng kayod para sa kanila. pero sya naman living on pension, dating sundalo.

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    Nov 2005
    pero on the other hand, meron mga foreigner niloloko ng pinay.

    Ginagawang cash cow ung foreigner, then may bf/asawa na pinoy ung pinay.

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    Sep 2003
    Yun ngang Testimonials Section nung website, although mukha namang "OA or exagerrated at di naman totoo" yung mga nakasulat, sobra .......ang sama pa rin ng dating. Dapat i-close na yung website.

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