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View Poll Results: Choosing A Phone - Galaxy S3 or Iphone 5?

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  • Samsung Galaxy S3

    8 16.33%
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    21 42.86%
  • Apple iPhone 5

    12 24.49%
  • Nokia 3310

    2 4.08%
  • Others

    6 12.24%
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    Jul 2007
    Please help me choose a phone that will meet my particular needs.

    I've been a Nokia user since the 90s. In all honesty, I really do not want to switch to a smart phone. But it seems like circumstances are forcing me to make the switch ie friends and relatives abroad whom I could communicate with using viber. There are a lot of applications that I just can't get from my Nokia phone.

    I do not want to get a data plan and won't be availing of Globe's promos. I rarely connect to the internet using my phone anyway. But my friends are telling me that it is necessary for me to get a plan if I'm getting a smart phone? Is this really the case because I do not wanna spend an extra 1k on my plan just for this. SC ba?

    I have not done any research on any of these phones because I don't wanna get into "analysis paralysis" I'll just rely on the expertise of the members of this forum. After all, this is how I decided on what laptop to buy anyway. I have no idea how much these phones cost. I intend to use this for a minimum of 5 years. My Nokia 3310 is more than 10 yrs old so my expectations for a phone are very high I don't suppose that is the case with touchscreen technology? What is the average lifespan of these phones? I have never owned a touchscreen gadget of any kind. I have been avoiding the touchscreen technology in all honesty, but I guess it's time.

    These are the feedback that I got:

    Sturdier or more durable than the Galaxy
    Faster response and no hanging
    More expensive

    Apps are for free, more flexibility
    Battery/parts can be replaced
    Bigger screen

    My dilemma is I've only owned one Apple device, an Ipod classic which I was so so about and rarely use. I'm really not an Apple person, my Mom offered to buy me an ipad or iphone which I refused because I did not want to get sucked into the Apple ecosystem. But all my friends are telling me that the Iphone will last me a long time if I wanted to compared to Samsung. But what I like about Samsung is it's Android and the apps are free. I'm really a pc person. I want my flexibility. The problem daw with Apple, everything is so controlled and synchronised with their technology and since I have no plans of buying a macbook, ipad and I rarely use my ipod, will I be getting the best out of the Iphone considering these?

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    Oct 2002
    Get the Galaxy.

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    Jul 2007
    ^Why would you choose a Galaxy over the Iphone?

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    Jun 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy_for_you View Post
    ^Why would you choose a Galaxy over the Iphone?
    You might want to read this review of IP5 vs GS3:

    Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III: All rise -

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    Oct 2009
    Base on your needs, you don't really need a smartphone.

    It would not be logical to get a smartphone without having an internet/data plan in it because those functions that you'll appreciate in a smartphone is mostly tied up with a data plan. Without the data plan, it would be just like a gaming device (psp or nintendo ds).

    Since hindi ka naman SC, so why would you really want any of these two "high end" brands for a function that any cheaper android phone can do at nearly 1/10th the cost?!?

    BTW, all your apprehensions on an apple device are rummors and not purely true -

    Battery can be replaced
    There are also free apps just like android
    If you JB (jailbreak) it, there are lots of paid apps that can still be acquired free - then it is just like an android
    Although the main entry point is through iTunes, puede naman i-install ang iTunes sa windows base computer
    There are apps that can handle files that will somehow bypass the strict controls of iTunes in transfering (pirated) files like movies and music files - just like an android.
    If you're thinking about have the iphone behave like a USB, without iTunes....there is a work-around - send it yourself as an email - yeah it is troublesome unlike a samsung, but it can be done. And besides, isn't it cheaper just bring along a USB stick if you wanted this function in a trouble-free way?!?

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    May 2006
    Mag android ka nalang....there are a lot of cheaper android phones than the S3..older samsungs or htcs or other lower variants will do...

    Btw dont over think..just go with the flow no need to over analyze...after all, its just a phone..

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    Jun 2007
    cherry mobile flare will do...
    Cherry Mobile

    dual sim pa...

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    Sep 2003

    Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Edition - 5,000

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    Jun 2004
    Cathy di mo kelangan ng ganyan ka mahal na phone kung di ka naman talaga user. Madaming mura na android phone na magagamitan mo ng mga apps na balak mong gamitin

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    Dec 2009
    since youre not much into latest technology offering youll be wasting a LOT of money with apple

    a low end android phone can handle viber easily. that same android phone will give you more flexibility than any high end apple smartphone should you wish to do more thing with your intial attempt to immerse yourself in the DIGITAL AGE of mobile devices. you can make that android work as a ROUTER, a GPS device, a WIFI device for your PC, a USB stick, a FM radio.

    plus i would like to correct the notion that iphone is sturdier than other android device, go search DROP TEST videos in youtube & see for yourself
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