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    May 2005
    Hi Guys,

    Meron po kaming binili dito na PC para i-supply nmin sa customer namin para sa isang gagawing chemical plant.

    Ang kaso po, maitatayo pa yung planta mga 2010 pa. So ibig sabihin, naka OFF pa yung PC na yun for 1 year.

    May impact kaya to sa CMOS battery ng motherboard? OK lang ba na naka OFF yung PC ng ganung katagal?

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    Oct 2002
    New cmos battery (lithium coin batteries) are good for typically five to eight years of power.

    And if the CMOS battery does die, you just have to replace it and reset the CMOS configuration. Generally the default setting is enough to properly run your computer although it might not be the fastest setting.

    But with long storage, you might want to consider the problems of moisture and corrosion doing long term damage to the motherboard. Also pests like rats can urinate on motherboards which can destroy the chips and/or circuits.

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    Nov 2006
    OT: I'm sorry to say but this is one example of immature project planning. Why the need to purchase when the requirement is still a year after.

    You could just always opt to remove the CMOS battery if you like and replace it only when it is finally time to use the PCs, and make sure to have a very good place to store them.

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    Jun 2006
    Weird. why did you buy it this early? For the same price right now, by 2010, 8-core na ang standard processor and quadcore would be the "Celeron" then. Your client would be wondering bakit ito ang ibibigay mo sa kanila.

    You should get rid of this asset(s) now and turn it into cash while its value is still quite high. Just a suggestion.

    As for your question, mga 3yrs. Pero mura lang naman ito, mga 20 pesos each.
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