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    Nov 2006
    ^^^ afaik matagal na ata itong info na ito ah. ke stepney pa ata ito nung
    siya pa ang tina-target ng ferrari nuon.

    anyway, matindi talaga ang penalty sa mclaren. tsk, tsk, tsk . . . sayang ang pinaghirapan sa season (assuming na hindi nila ginamit yung info)

    excited na tuloy ako sa next race (spa) kaya nag-"spa" na ako kagabi. toingk.
    ano kaya yung mga sinabi ng mclaren drivers?

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    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by mazdamazda View Post
    From what I've read, they were spared from any penalty since they cooperated with giving new evidence against McLaren.

    Though they should have been penalized also even if that was the case... half of your driver's championship points should be fun. :lol:
    He he he...

    Well, IMO it might be like a "suspect" in a criminal case, whereby he/she got of with lesser penalties or time in the slammer because he/she cooperated but he/she still would not walk away just like that.

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    Aug 2004
    Remember, though... other members of the team may have benefited from the info without actually knowing it was there.

    The ones whom we know that are guilty, so far, are Stepney and Coughlan... who, by the way, are both in transition between teams.

    While a lot of engineers share their experience and personal notes from past work with their new team, I suppose Stepney's idea of personal notes is rather vague... ("hey, there's this manual lying around the shop that I think is mine... ).

    We can't categorically state that the entire operation is crooked unless someone else comes forward and points fingers at the top.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2003
    ferrari's design manual/book/bible is with mclaren's chief designer. thats fact.

    mclaren using/copying info from that material to improve theirs should be investigated by the FIA or the world motorsport council. if mclaren is not guilty as ron dennis is insisting up to now, i believe the penalty should be reduced accordingly unless included in that manual is the pit strategy in the every race of the season.

    wala naman kasing silbi yung design manual unless you apply what you see in it to your car. if not, maclaren will still be developing their own design.

    sorry mclaren fan ako hehehe

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    Oct 2002
    Actually, even loverboy Briatore is suspecting that McLaren did use Ferrari's technology/design/etc. Heck, he's also asking for McLaren's head when they handed out the original verdict.

    According to him, the seamless transition of Mclaren to the Bridgestones was very surprising since a lot of other switchers (like Renault) are still adjusting to the new tires.

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    Aug 2004
    Hmmm... that's actually a very good point.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jun 2003
    sayang talaga mclaren, I thought it would be a great year for them since 1999...

    what is happening to sports nowadays? last weekend, it was such a great sporting treat... IRB, England wins over Israel in the euro qualifiers, F1 and mclaren's 1-2, man U wins in EPL...

    dami cheating sa sports ngayon - you have the patriots video taping their opponents plays... the nba referee scandal... man oh man whats next?

    does info stolen from ferrari have something like a 'patent'?

    and in the past ferrari was accused of using those fexi wings or something, they were also accused of using an illegal underfloor in the austrailian gp at the beginning of this year. why were'nt they penalised as well?
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    Oct 2002

    the flexi-wings of ferrari, redbull & mclaren have been approved by the fia.

    the suspected illegal floors of ferrari (and even bmw) have been cleared by the fia. they are not deemed illegal afaik.

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    Aug 2005
    It's so amazing what people would do just to win a championship and for money of course.

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    Nov 2006
    FIA reveals extent of ‘spygate’ evidence

    SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS, Belgium, Sept 14, 2007 (AFP) - Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, has revealed the full extent of the new ‘spygate’ evidence that prompted them to hit McLaren with a record fine and exclude them from the 2007 constructors’ championship.
    The evidence includes details of email and text message exchanges given to the FIA through written statements by McLaren test pilot Pedro de la Rosa and their double world champion driver Fernando Alonso.
    De la Rosa, in particular, seems to have had regular contact with Mike Coughlan, the ex-McLaren chief designer who has confirmed that he received a dossier of secret Ferrari information from Nigel Stepney a former mechanic for the Italian team.
    An FIA press release on Friday said: “The e-mails show unequivocally that both Mr. Alonso and Mr. de la Rosa received confidential Ferrari information via Coughlan; that both drivers knew that this information was confidential Ferrari information and that both knew that the information was being received by Coughlan from Stepney.”
    In one exchange between the two De La Rosa asks Coughlan, in a clear reference to Ferrari’s all-red livery: “Hi Mike, do you know the Red Car’s weight distribution? It would be important for us to know so that we could try it in the simulator. Thanks in advance, Pedro.”
    De La Rosa confirmed to the FIA that Coughlan sent him the required information via test message and he then forwarded it on to Alonso by email.
    Similar exchanges between the three men took place regarding aerodynamics, tyre gas, braking systems and stopping strategy.
    In addition the FIA has revealed the full amount of correspondence between Coughlan and Stepney, some of it taking place before the dossier of information was found by Italian police at Coughlan’s house.
    The statement reads: “The Italian police have identified logs which show 23 e-mails passed between Coughlan and Stepney between 1 March and 14 April 2007.”
    In total, at least 288 SMS messages and 35 telephone calls appear to have passed between Stepney and Coughlan between 11 March and 3 July 2007.
    “In light of the number and timing of the communications between Coughlan and Stepney and the e-mail exchanges between the McLaren drivers, the WMSC regards it as reasonable to infer that Coughlan was in receipt of a flow of confidential Ferrari information from Stepney and that at least some of that information was communicated to others within McLaren.”
    The published evidence appears to directly contradict McLaren Boss Ron Dennis’ claims that Stepney and Coughlan were acting alone and that McLaren did not benefit from the information that passed between the pair.
    McLaren have not yet decided whether they will appeal their punishment.

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