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    Oct 2002
    Great... no, make that FANTASTIC, mod for F12002. Get the details from

    The only drawback: it's about 250 MB. (Glad I got cable...)


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    Oct 2002
    Hey, Alf!

    How's your BRD "mega" wheel and pedals? Do you also have a race frame pro to go with that?

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    Oct 2002
    alf! pa-burn naman ng mods! i'll pay you na lang. :D

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    Oct 2002
    Ngayon lang ako naka reply ulit dito (been a bit busy in the More Than Looks forum)...

    First: the BRD setup. It's P60k I think for the _planned_ pedals and steering wheel. I just spent P500k on a store I'm opening soon in SM City Bicutan (not car related at all).


    It's called Alter Station. If you have pants whose length you want to alter to fit, or a shirt that's too big that you want professionally adjusted, or any clothing item that needs some alteration to fit better, then you can bring it to Alter Station.


    I can burn for some people, but I'm really quite busy... let me see what I can do. It would be better if someone can do it though.

    The mod is FANTASTIC!!! Make sure that you have the physics setting (I forgot what .ini file it's in) at "0", or super high physics settings, rather than "1", normal setting. (I heard it has something to do with reactions to yaw angles).

    I LOVE DRIVING the Ferrari Modena and the Porsches!!! If you can get this mod, by all means get it!

    You also get new tracks, too!


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