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    Oct 2002
    Another win for Schumi & Ferrari!!!

    Schumi did well in trying to hold off Kimi till the very end, considering that he only did 2 pitstops and had fairly worned out tires.

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    Apr 2004
    Mclaren got their positive results from MP4-19B.

    Damn! that was fast. Mclaren(kimi) set a 3+ secs margin to rubic from the very start of the race.

    But still, scarlet car imerge as the victor once again, awesome strategy from ferrari.


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    Oct 2002
    the reason "Safety Car"

    nung nag crash si trulli, enter Safety car
    nag pit si kimi, MS stayed on, ilan laps din yun na minimal lang ang gas consumption so light yung scarlet car versus the mp4-19B

    pero obviously mas mabilis ang pace ni kimi

    pero hats off sa strategy ng ferrari from 4 stop french GP to 2 stop british. hirap nilang spell for other teams

    also solid driving by, after kimi pitted for the first time, 3 fastest laps ginawa ni shumy.
    kimi had to undo the backmarkers while MS has a clear road, after MS pitted
    P1 for MS

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    Oct 2002
    its great to see mclaren back to form once again.

    hopefully the season gets better where they can actually fight for the win.

    go mclaren! :D

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    Oct 2002
    btw, fisichella did one heck of a job!!! finishing 6th right?

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    Apr 2004
    Yes mazdamazda.

    Ferrari once again demonstrated why they are the winner of the 10 of 11 races. They would have taken the Monaco GP if not for the stupid collision of Schumi in the tunnel. They are quick to react to the track condition and their pit strategy remains the best!

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    Oct 2002
    nakita ko yong pagbangga ni trulli... ganda talaga design ng F1 body, well-protected ang driver

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    Nov 2002
    hats off to the pitstop strategy of ferrari. galeng! how then can u beat MS eh kahit di sya pole nananalo pa din?

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    Feb 2004
    if trulli's accident had not caused the safety car to come out, shumi would have won by 20+ seconds. it would have been another dominating performance by ferrari, but since lumabas ang safety car, the race suddenly became competetive.

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    Oct 2002
    i dont think so, mabilis ang pace ng mclaren,
    kayang kaya ng mclaren (mp4-19B) ang Ferrari F2004 lalo na papasok sa hangar straight.

    now nung lumabas ang SC nag pit si kimi knowing that ferrari would pit also the later part so nag laylow siya

    but MS did not pit thus earning him the checkered flag

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