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    It's not only my mother (a GSIS pensioner) who is a victim of this scam....thousands of pensioners didn't receive their pensions since January this was only a couple of weeks ago that my mother was able to receive her pension...and the whole balance for 7 months (January to July) was not fully paid...she was only paid for 3 months (January to March)....and if the pension for example is supposed to be P10,400.0, she won't get the whole P10,400...all she got was P10,000....this has happened since GMA took over the presidency....not even during Marcos time that this scam had's only in GMA's term....and this happened twice already specially a few months before and until a few months after the national! and Garcia has the guts to say that these were done by GSIS staffs? well....kawawa naman yung mga staffs, sila pa yung nasisi...based on an insider information, GSIS is almost bankrupt because the money was used in the election campaign....what a crook!!!

    GSIS apologizes for ‘glitches’ in payment of benefits
    Garcia blames unidentified employees

    By Michelle Remo
    Last updated 05:31pm (Mla time) 09/01/2007

    MANILA, Philippines -- Winston Garcia has apologized for the "glitches" in the delivery of its services to members of the Government Service Insurance System, as he alleged that some employees at the GSIS were sabotaging efforts to perfect the automation of its systems.

    "The human infrastructure that we have at the GSIS sucks.... There may be some personnel sabotaging our efforts because they do not like what we are doing now," Garcia, GSIS president and general manager, said in a roundtable discussion with Inquirer editors and columnists Thursday night.

    Garcia, whose leadership has been criticized amid massive complaints of delayed payment of pension to GSIS members, said the GSIS' move to automate its systems via the use of electronic identification card (e-card) put an end to unscrupulous activities when things were still done manually.

    For instance, he said, checks were being issued to GSIS members who were already dead. He added that some people were engaged in rediscounting -- buying GSIS-issued checks at 5 to 10 percent discount.

    Garcia said that because the GSIS was already going electronic, many people were losing their sources of kickbacks. This was the reason some were not supportive of, or even sabotaged, moves to go electronic.

    While Garcia was adamant at first in saying that complaints were only due to some glitches and were coming from a small portion of GSIS members only, he eventually agreed that the problem was worse than he would like to portray.

    The Inquirer has been swamped with complaints from GSIS pensioners and active members from all over the country who said they were having a difficult time accessing loans or getting pensions from the GSIS.

    The complaints had been the subject of several articles by Inquirer columnists.

    Many of the complainants said they could not use their e-cards because GSIS kiosks were down. They said they had brought their concerns to the GSIS to no avail, and so they went to the media as a last resort.

    "The imperfection in the system, I agree, is intolerable. If there had been inefficiencies in our system, there is no excuse for that, my apologies," Garcia said.

    He said he will ensure that GSIS staff and officials are charged administratively if they fail to act on complaints within 10 days. He also said the GSIS would work on improving its systems to solve inefficiencies in the delivery of its services.

    Questions about alleged irregularities in the recent move of the GSIS to award the e-card contract to Union Bank also surfaced during the discussion. Union Bank won the contract over several banks, including Bank of the Philippine Islands, which belonged to the Top 10 highest-earning banks.

    Garcia said Union Bank won the contract because it required only a P1 billion maintaining balance for the GSIS, lower than the P1.5 billion required by BPI. He said Union Bank was also aggressive in making an offer to the GSIS, while BPI was not as interested.

    "Union Bank sent not only their financial team but also representatives for their technical group. They were able to answer all our technical questions about their facility for the GSIS e-card," Garcia said. BPI only sent a financial team and could not satisfy the GSIS' technical questions.

    With regard the report by a special audit team from the Commission on Audit that GSIS' e-card project did not go through an honest-to-goodness bidding process, Garcia said the report was malicious and politically motivated.

    He said many people wanted him out of the GSIS. "I take it as a given, a fact of life," he said.
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    it's not really that complicated. all it needs is a criminal mind with power, alam na nya kagad kung ano titirahin na treasure chest SSS, GSIS, Pagibig etc. parang si ERap

    sa private group naman, syempre yun director ng insurance.

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    Mar 2005
    My sickly mother suffered for over six months without pension. I heard that the administration used the money as campaign fund for the elections. I hope they rot in hell! I sure wish that those responsible suffer a painful and miserable retirement or better yet a slow and agonizing death! Mga p!*&&% sila.

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    May 2007
    ang natatandaan ko eh one time na nangyari yan sa nanay ko na nadelayed ang pension nya for a few months.panahon din yun ng election.pero ngayon eh wala pa naman syang nababanggit sa akin na delayed ang pension nya pag tumatawag ako sa kanya.(nasa abroad po kasi ako)

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    Dec 2005
    Iyon nga ang mabigat dito sa ating bansa.... Bawas sila ng bawas sa ating mga suweldo. Pero, pag kailangan mo na ng balik sa iyo,- wala....


GSIS pensions : glitches or a scam?