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    Aug 2006
    hindi pa allowed ito sa Pinas pero for discussion's sake, post away mga papis and mamis...mga mods pakilipat na lang po kung me similar thread...

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    Oct 2002
    yes I'm in favor, but should they legalize divorce here in the Philippines, sana huwag isama ang rights to request for alimony by either of the parties.

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    Oct 2002
    This is a tricky one. I'll bet a month's salary that most of our legislators in the House of Representatives and the Senate are in favor but the Catholic Church simply exercises too much political clout in blocking even the discussion of a divorce bill. Proof? See what's been blocking the pending bills on family planning and contraception. Also, see how the CBCP practically twisted GMA's arm into abolishing the death penalty.

    Dunno about you guys but the way I see it, the Catholic Church in the more developed countries do not have this kind of clout. While those in the 3rd world countries, well....we have the CBCP, the INK, El Shaddai and the JIL who in one way or another dictate national policy on the family and population issues.
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    Nov 2005
    I'm in favor of it too. Why? They are married for 10-20 years already and all of a sudden they will file annulment... anu yun? ngayon mo lang nalaman na etc. etc. na hindi pala pwedE? diba?

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    Oct 2002
    I am in favor. Simply ignoring the facts will not erase the problems of marriage failures.

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    Nov 2005

    everyone deserves a 2nd chance. or 3rd. or 4th. or 5th...

    if u find out u married the wrong person, u should be able to get out of that marriage.

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    Oct 2002
    i am a christian, but i am in favor.
    even the Bible says something about divorce, which is partially ok, but the condition is that if a couple divorces, the husband or the wife should not marry anymore (1 Cor 7:11)

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    Aug 2004
    I believe that people should have a chance to remarry. Simply because:

    Quote Originally Posted by ghosthunter View Post
    I am in favor. Simply ignoring the facts will not erase the problems of marriage failures.
    I've seen a lot of women who were dumped unceremoniously by their husbands, living the life of a single mother, with all its hardships... yet, thanks to Philippine law, they can't legally remarry. Separation in the Philippines is a long, drawn-out process... and it's harder than it should be.

    Making people jump through hoops of fire won't change the fact that the husband and wife don't live together anymore, and it deprives children of the right to live in a household with a complete set of parents.

    While, yes, it would encourage some people to get divorced who would have otherwise stayed together... so what? I'd rather live in a home with less strife than have two parents who hate each other and bicker all the time. I've seen this, too, and it will eventually lead to separation, anyway.

    Legalized divorce doesn't encourage adultery... it empowers the partner who is cheated upon. If you divorce because you want to live with your mistress or "mistron", you're obliged to support whatever family you leave behind.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2006
    not in favor.

    on my opinion, you have to know the person well before you do something miserable. :lol: but i know, you won't get to know the person until you live under the same roof.

    and i dont mean to sound like a saint...but i guess nothing is impossible with prayer. pray hard that you'll marry the right person (and with's God's grace), and work hard for your marriage.

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    Nov 2005
    people make mistakes. and that includes choice of mate.

    i believe people should be allowed to correct their mistakes.

    It just isnt right to get stuck with a bad decision for the rest of your life.

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