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    Oct 2002
    #1 winter countries? a local guy here in UK told me that some diesel cars get stalled during winter season because of very cold air. any tsikoter who has a tip to avoid a diesel car getting stalled? i'm just woried about this specially that i'm a strager in this country and our car is a 7yo vauxhall corsa. is there any other extra ordinary things to do (aside from regular sevice) in order to avoid the car getting stalled?

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    Sep 2005
    Konti lang alam ko, so HTH ...

    - Make sure your battery and the connections are OK. Batteries lose a lot of cranking power during cold weather, it's also better to turn off all electrical accessories before starting.

    - Although it doesn't get cold enough in the UK for diesel to reach gel point, it might be a good idea to use additives to lower it. Make sure that your fuel filter (the usual suspect) is OK.

    - For a 7 year old car (even newer ones), it's always a good idea to be a member of the AA, RAC, Green Cross, etc.. Mas mahal membership during a breakdown, esp. when you register via a mobile phone. Nangyari na sa akin ... 2 weeks after MOT and Inspection 2, tumirik kotse ko - twice the amount ang bayad ko sa RAC. Still cheaper if you consider that a normal recovery vehicle will cost you more than a hundred pounds for a single job.

    - And the usual advice to keep your car in shape.

    And don't worry too much Winter is just minus 3deg C in the South and a bit colder uo North. Hindi ganu'n ka-extreme when it comes to engines.

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