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    Jun 2003

    ask ko lang sana is 1m a good price for a nov 2000 model expedition limited edition....with 53kms on it

    trade in kasi ng uncle ko ang 2000 revo SR diesel nya with 40+ t kms for 400k also aquired nov

    so basically add sya ng 600k is this a good buy? eto nga pala yung link.... not yung naka post sa ad 23 pero nung chineck namin 50+ na ang reading sa odo

    ok ba ang expedition.... wag na po sanang i comment ang gas guzzler dahil alam naman natin lahat yun...

    ano pa ba dapat i check dito consider buying it 2nd hand

    thanks in advance for the replies

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    Nov 2002
    i think its a bit high, i think nasa 900-800k na lang ang 00 expedition depending on the condition but since your trading in your car ibang usapan, mas mahal talaga. is it 53 or 53,000kms?

    i think the expedition is the best suv for the money kaso lang for me its unpractical since gas prices are too expensive these days,i know sabi huwag banggitin kaso its a big reality! now im glad i disposed of my lariat more than a year ago.. kundi everyday based on my computation, my daily gas consumption for 60km daily travel..hmm P380/day about P2280/week..imagine that! not just that, mahal din maintenance and parts ... baka malula si uncle..its like owning 2 1/2 revos! hehehe... but true expedition owners arent bothered by costs... its the image.. hehehe

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    Mar 2003
    for me maganda ang expedition, maluwag and malambot ang ride, ok idrive sa open road butt not sa city. we have a bigg ffamily kaya very dfavorabble a expedition saamin. it's still the best people hauler SUV. if you dont like vans . imho.
    PM mo si 109 dati siyang owner ng GGen 1 expedition. Madaming alam yun pagdating sa expedition.
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    Sep 2003
    i hv a friend who has a black expy with 31t km mileage, well kept, 950t.......definitely a good buy!

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    Jun 2004
    I'm one satisfied Expedition owner. It serves as our family hauler. I agree with what promdiboy said about the Expedition...ganda ng ride (my kids love it), spacious, power is adequate, lamig ng a/c, and many more. after almost 4 years, parang brand new pa rin...the engine is as quiet as when it was brand new...the suspension also walang kahit na anong kalampag.

    one major downside really is that it consumes a lot of gas. mine does about 3.5-4km/l city and max 5.5km/l in the highway. the other downside is medyo mababa resale value compared to other SUV's (land cruiser, pajero, etc).

    hope this helps.
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    Oct 2002
    hmmm..since trade in siya..talagang mejo mataas..pero sa asking price po ay mababa na siya considering na buy and sell yan.pero kung talagang owner niyo bibilin yang expe..mas mababa pa sa 1 million ang price niyan.

    950 is already a good buy.

    a little less than a million.2000 limited expedition din...pero bebenta ko na..herhehrehr

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    Oct 2002
    i guess its a bit expensive, i have a friend hu sold his 01 expedition for 820T lang, sariwa pa din, maybe it would be better if u sell ur revo and buy an expedition separately, u can save on that

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    Oct 2003
    Mahal if the price is 1M for 53K mileage.

    A friend just bought one for only 850K with 20K mileage.

    Buyers market ang Gen1 expedition dami nag bebenta kaya madali makahanap ng low mileage and good price.

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    Oct 2002
    ang sakit ng ford in general ay yung evaporator at condenser wala pang 25K ang tinakbo ng F150 namin nasira na buti nalang under warranty.

    mga 800-900 na lang ang expy.

    may alam din ako color blue and color silver
    email mo ako kung interesado ka


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    Sep 2003
    firstgen expy's are gud buy.
    havn't had any problem with mine.

    my friend's 2000 black expy is still available at 850. sheep, PM me kung interested.

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