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    Sep 2003
    guys, im planning to by mga crossover type na sasakyan na 2nd hand lang...reading sa mga reviews sa motioncars mukhang pano ang escape in terms of on/off road handling which is one of my major criteria kase i go out of town madalas..pero im not sure with regards sa durability ng sasakyan na ito at yung fuel consumption (i prefer the manual version na 2003 xlt) at how high din yung maintenance cost nito compared sa mga CRV and rav 4. i would appreciate inputs on the following:

    1. Durability and reliability - jap cars (at least honda in my case) subok sa tibay and for sure halos pagsasawaan mo na siya in years before ka magkaroon ng sakit ng ulo. how about escape?

    2. Maintenance - mataas ng konti ang honda pagdating dito pero how about ang escape?

    3. Fuel consumption - ano consumption sa city and highway nung manual version ng escape? how about yun 2.3L na AT version nya?

    4. engine and other part maintenance - mas complicated ba ang pag maintain ng escape in terms of engine technology sa mga jap cars? like mahirap ba itong ipa maintain sa labas ng casa or like toyota madali mo ipa maitain kahit labas casa.

    5. Price - oks ba sa 600+ ang 2003 xlt escape? how much ang best price and how much tingin nyo dapat di lalampas ito?

    6. Aircon- review says aircon is not in nakakapikon ba aircon ng escape or oks lang naman but not as ok as other like crv.

    7. Safety - almost every week akong uwi province so what can you say in terms of handling nito sa highway...di ba taubin ito?

    on the other hand, sabi rav 4 na gen 2 di oks sa medyo rough road, how bad is it? sa mga nagpunta na ng laluz may rough road na part think rav 4 will suffer sa terrain na yun? im also considering rav 4 kase dahil sa fuel efficiency nya pero kung medyo di sya oks kahit simpleng off road lang eh parang ayaw ko...

    appreciate any other thoughts and inputs...thanks..

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    Oct 2002
    pare all the cars you mentioned are mini SUVs...

    midsize SUV are the fortuner, sta fe, sorento, alterra, everest and crossover well murano pa lang yata ang crossover dito...

    now kung talagang pang harabas, eh sa Ford Everest na ako...just change the stock shocks to bilstein then you're ok na...

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    Sep 2003
    ay sori po...correction..i only prefer mini SUV..di po pang harabas...70% city driving and 30% offroad pang lumalabas for beach, diving, or out of town..

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    Aug 2004
    1. Durability and reliability - Only known issue so far is the "sinking" tail-lights... the plastic melts from the heat. No other major issues so far (it is a new car, after all)

    2. Maintenance - parts are somewhat expensive at the casa (this is true of all casas), and I'm not sure if Fordland or any of the other "suki" stores that the Lynx guys go to carries parts for the Escape.

    3. Fuel consumption - The manual should get fuel consumption similar to the CRV (the RAV4 is much more efficient than either of these), the 2.3 AT is kinda thirsty, but again, this is similar to the AT CRV.

    4. engine and other part maintenance - It's a half-Japanese car, shouldn't be too hard to work on... but fewer mechanics will be familiar with this than with the CRV.

    5. Price - not sure, but I think you can get it for lower than a comparable CRV.

    6. Aircon- No idea.

    7. Safety - there are concerns about roll-over in the Escape in the US, but this is only because they don't have stability control... if you're looking at secondhand CRVs, they don't have it either, so it evens out... Handling and tires on the Escape are better somewhat than the CRV, so it's got a slight edge in accident avoidance.


    Personally, the RAV4, despite being smaller, is a great choice. As for off-roadability, none of these cars were built for hardcore off-roading anyway. The RAV4's one big disadvantage is its low ride height, but if you're not going over very rocky ground, it's probably not a big problem.


    Edit: If you're really concerned with off-road durability, you might want to consider a Vitara. It's a full-on ladder frame like a big SUV, but it's still the same size and general price as the three you've mentioned. It doesn't ride or handle as well as the Escape, but it's more than durable enough for some light off-roading.
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    Sep 2003
    sir TY po sa inputs nyo...

    >>The RAV4's one big disadvantage is its low ride height, but if you're not going over very rocky ground, it's probably not a big problem
    - eto nga ang medyo concern ko sa rav 4..dahil napakababa eh parang almost di pdeng idaan sa rocky ground..pero i have follow-up question din sa rav 4..since ang base platform nito eh corolla (tama ba?), parehong pareho ba ang suspension or was it somehow improved to at least be capable offroad? kase alam ko ang escape medyo panalo pagdating sa suspension..

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by vsm712 View Post
    ay sori po...correction..i only prefer mini SUV..di po pang harabas...70% city driving and 30% offroad pang lumalabas for beach, diving, or out of town..
    ok with that being said... sa Sorento ako or Everst pa rin
    Midsize SUV for mini-suv price at the pinaka the best pa is Diesel fed pa sila...

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    Aug 2004
    All three are car-based.

    The Escape is based on the 626, the CR-V (first gen) on the Civic... I think...

    They all have different suspensions, though, to accomodate the bigger bodies and weight, but they have similar engine bay mechanicals (except the Escape, the engine is a Ford unit instead of the Mazda engine in the 626).

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    May 2006
    Nakalimutan nyo yata ang XTRAIL.

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    Oct 2002
    Nakakapikon talaga aircon niyan. Ang gulo ng controls, parating nagpapapasok ng hangin galing sa labas. Pero masasanay ka din siguro. Hindi na lang kasi nilagyan ng 'Recirculate' switch like other vehicles. Nagpauso pa. hehehe.

    Bakit nga pala wala ang Grand Vitara sa choices mo? That would have been my pick. One of the most underrated SUV's in the local market.
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    Mar 2003
    If you are set in buying an escape due to price (its really cheaper than a crv/rav/etc.)

    Consider the mazda Tribute... even cheaper! with the same performance/maintenance issues of the escape

    Though a bit hard to find... owners will not sell na pa-lugi, unless in need...

    an office mate sold hers for less 500T... no takers at 600-650T original asking(going rate for escapes)

    just my 2 cents

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