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    Oct 2002
    Engine guys!!!!!
    special attention sirs yellow and afrasay!

    Haay buhay!!! Palpak yung overhaul ko last september :cry:

    Dukot overhaul lang kasi, di napalitan ang sleeves. Im considering an engine swap to 4M40 but am intimidated by sir woodfire's experience. Ang dami kasing fabrication. (Woodfire, if you could kindly share your experience again please :D )

    Anyway this is what im gonna do this time.......

    1) REPLACE SLEEVES (Replacement P4500)
    2) REPLACE PISTON RINGS (TP Brand - Replacement also)
    3) BUY OVERHAUL KIT (Orig - around P4000+)
    4) REPLACE ALL CONN ROD BOLTS (Pucha 4d56 peeps, you should see yours... chances are deformed na rin. * P180 each)
    5) BALANCE CRANKSHAFT (Less Engine Vibration..... so im told P5000)
    6) POLISH CYL HEAD INTAKES (Less Vibration daw.... P3500)


    Please note that some parts were already replaced during my previous overhaul. The person who's gonna do it is a lot better than my OLD mechanic. What else do i need to do? any tips? anything im doing na hindi dapat? post away! im listening :D

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    Nov 2002
    ha? hehe bket po nio nsabing palpak ung sept. overhaul? may kilala kc akong mekaniko na nag overhaul dati nung L3 ko (4d56) dn cia nd nging ok nman cia for 2 yrs.(nbenta na)...

    p.s.: lgi lang po ako ngbabasa d2 kya mdyo lam ko ung mga na popost d2.


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    Oct 2002

    Paano mo nasabi na palpak? na check mo na ang compression ng mga cylinders? What are the signs na palpak?

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    Oct 2002
    Analysis has shown that the blowby gases pass through the pistons :cry: Hindi sa valves or sa valve guides. Ang ginawa kasi pinalitan lang piston rings (standard size pa rin). Parang hindi na take into account nung gumawa yung piston to wall clearance. bwiset talaga. pare, pilnalitan ba sleeve mo nung nag-overhaul ka? ty.

    Sir, remember yung oil na bumubulwak sa aking EGR hose? Its caused by blowby gases sa pistons. Excessive po talaga. haaay bad trip. Akala to talaga sa valves.

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    Nov 2002
    ummm... i think pinalitan po cia. kc sbi sken nung una top overhaul lang gagawin kc cra na dw ung cyl. head gasket w/c is causing d overheat pero nund nasilip na ung piston pti ung wall nga e mdyo mlalim na ung kayod. pti nga ung camshaft naupod na as in ang laki talaga ng kain kaya un baba na kme ng makina...

    p.s. top speed knga pla is 85km/h bgo overhaul den ng 120 na cia after

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    Oct 2002

    Siguro nga gaano kaya malakas lumabas ang oil sa PCV mo, sa akin kasi hinde naman lumalabas tuyong tuyo sya.

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    Oct 2002
    sad to hear that unsuccessful overhaul of yours last sept!
    If im not mistaken napa-asa ka ng dati mong mechanic na "dukot lang yan ok na!"
    Tip #1, see to it that your shop/mechanic now is competent to do the general overhauling job(referrals from close friends or relatives), #2 make sure the machine shop who will do the sleevings, fitting of bearings, line borings and etc. is also reputable, 3 or 5 star shop is better. #3 use original mitsu prts whenever possible( like the valves and overhauling gaskets). Try ATCO Pasay for parts,

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    Oct 2002
    Maybe its a good time to have the head ported as well.

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    Oct 2002
    yellow::: yan din po conclusion ko.

    lui::: ty for ur reply pare.

    otomatic::: The new mechanic has done 2 pajeros and numerous L300s and Advetnures :D Im getting htk brand sleeves, Tp brand piston rings(Mitsu's OEMs). Im using original overhauling kit coz madali daw mag leak ang replacement. (I could vouch for this personally). BTW, meron na palang site ang ATCO. :D

    RS Sprint::: Meron Bang effect ang pag-port ng Head sa diesel? wala pang nakakasagot ng tanong na yan eh :D What about balancing the crank and other parts? gaganda kaya ang takbo?

    thanks! :wink:

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    Oct 2002

    had my Gen1 (4d56T) overhauled last Feb. Here's my "gastos"
    1 set Cylinder Liner 1,700.00
    1 set Engine Valve (1st Class) 1,200.00
    1 set Valve Guide 380.00
    1 set Piston Ring (Orig) 3,400.00
    1 set Piston (Orig) 2,800.00
    1 set Piston Pin Bushing 300.00
    1 set Overhauling Gasket (semi- Orig) 3,440.00
    1 set Main Bearing 950.00
    1 set Connecting Rod Bearing 550.00
    1 pc Oil Filter 280.00
    1 pc Silicon Gasket 85.00
    1 set Machine Shop Service 4,690.00
    1 set Liner Re- Boring 600.00
    1 set Overhauling Service Fee (Labor) 3,000.00
    1 pc Timing Belt 750.00
    1 set Timing Belt Installation Service 400.00

    I bought most of my parts in OTOMOTO, Taft Ave, Pasay City. It's very near LRT EDSA station, 3-4 stores away from ATCO and the others from PIYEZA, Alabang- Zapote Rd., very near Zapote, infront of Samson Technical School in Zapote.

    My advice is to compare prices from other stores, yun nga lang, talagang tiyaga ang kailangan mo.

    Goodluck! :D

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