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    Dec 2006
    One of the best solution siguro is to follow the rules ng ibang country (the developed ones) kung saan naka schedule lahat ng stops nila. Kaya kasi matulin bus natin dito e nag uunahan sa pasahero & para makarami sila ng trip. Kung naka schedule yung trips for different routes & susundin ng mga bus yung order ng trip nila (a specific trip number that can be applied to any bus for a specific time & route). Sa UK, even US and Hongkong, I think, follow this, may number yung bus nila tapos that bus can only stop at a predetermined time, + or - 10 minutes siguro, at specified bus stops only. Yung pasahero naman waits at the bus stop for a specific bus number that is going to or near his destination. Naka list naman sa bus stops yung sked and the stops. Yung bus only opens its doors sa bus stop na dapat hintuan, not like here where almost all the buses stop at all the stops, even sa hindi bus stop tapos nagbababa pa sa gitna ng kalsada.
    In fairness to the LTFRB (or LTO), meron na silang similar plan, pero initially i unify muna nila lahat ng bus companies. Unfortunately, yung mga hinayupak na owners, particularly yung sa Metro Manila, na gahaman din sa pera, ayaw mag cooperate kasi nga mababawasan kita nila & most likely baka mapilitan pa sila magbawas ng bus. Siyempre after a series of bribes (maybe) mapilitan naman yung concerned agencies to listen & consider yung kapakanan ng bus owners. Which is unfair because yung safety ng riding public and other road users ang dapat i prioritize, not the bus owners. Di rin naman yata sila malulugi because sandamakmak ang tao sa metro, gahaman lang talaga siguro.

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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by DacoTyan View Post
    About 10 years ago I was tooling in a L200 along North Expressway when I was passed by a couple of busses, a Philippine Rabbit and Victory, doing 80 kph, racing against each other. I decided to give chase, at a distance, to see if anything interesting will happen.

    They were going left or right of slow traffic, weaving their way in and out of traffic trying to get ahead of the other. But when I noticed we were hitting 120 kph, I thought better of it and gave up the chase. And, yes they pulled ahead of me even while I was still doing 120 kph.
    I think at present Victory is the best. They have a warning bell that would sound if they pass 90kph. I think they do this more to save fuel than anything else but as of now they seem to be better than the rest now.

    BUT I agree they should have stiffer penalties - worst part is they always go on strike because piniinitan daw sila if they have stiffer penalties

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    Sep 2006
    for city driving, 60kph should be ok for buses. but aside from that importante din ang strict implementation nung yellow lane/no swerving kasi isa ito sa main cause ng traffic talga. or yung mga bus na makikipagunahan makarating sa isang intersection or loading area and then lahat sila naka diagonal sa karsada.

    dati na din na implement yung may schedule at designated stops pero wala din nangyari. maganda pa naman san to kasi predictable ang dating nga mga buses at hindi na nila kailangan makipagunahan para makakuha ng pasahero. pero ayaw nung mga driver kasi daw kumokonti ang pasahero nila, meaning bawas kita kasi may boundary sila eh. dapat siguro maging salaried employees na din ang mga drivers at konduktor. pero siguradong aangal naman ang mga may ari ng bus kasi liliit ang kita nila..

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    Oct 2002
    I think setting the speed limit of buses and trucks in the city to 60 kph should make it a bit safer for any other vehicle smaller than them. But then, who can enforce the said limit? Cops with radar guns? MMDA with radar guns? Reducing the power at the bus' garage before sending them out? This would be a good alternative if they can find a way to enforce it.

    As to keeping the buses within the yellow lanes, this is something that can be more realistically implemented compared to the speed limit. Sobrang garapal na talaga nitong mga bus. To some extent, I'd believe BF was right with the concrete islands for buses. Maybe he should've taken it a bit further and cemented the buses within the yellow lanes, and just left room for private vehicles to turn to side roads. Any bus that's out of the cemented lanes should be apprehended.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Flagg View Post
    Oh yes... I suggest a Shoot-Your-Favorite-PUV-Driver Day, every month.

    Wag naman. It'll create a mess on the roads and you'll have to hire people to clean up the roadkill. Hehe!

    Seriously, if law enforcement officers keep treating PUV drivers with kid gloves, we'll have drivers with systemic and culturally-ingrained mentality of impunity and pure disregard of traffic laws. Pustahan tayo if we threaten these drivers with castration mabilis pa sa alas-kwatro ang pag-sunod ng mga 'yan sa batas trapiko.

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    Jul 2007
    dapat siguro makialam ang senado dito para gawan ng batas ang traffic regulation para sa mga buses and sa compensation ng mga bus driver para isa na lang ang sinusunod. walang maniniwalang nalulugi ang mga bus owner. sa dami ba naman ng pasahero sa metro manila. gahaman lng kasi sila. sa dami kasi ng bus nila kaya sila malulugi. laki ng maitenance nila kasi and daming bus tapos lahat sabay sabay bumiyahe nagkakaagawan nga sa pasahero.

    stricter rules, higher penalties and speed limiter.

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    Oct 2002
    60 kph? wouldn't that cause even more road rage because of how slow they are moving?

    God knows i get infuriated at trucks and buses traveling at 60 mph on the highway

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    Nov 2002
    i agree with an earlier post na dapat it should start sa pagkuha palang ng lisensya. siguro kung professional driver ka, sa PRC ka dapat kumuha ng license just like our other licensed professionals. there should be a specific course and board exam. tapos yung course should also include pagmemekaniko aside from the basic driving, road courtesy, safety, etc.

    dami ding buhay ang nakasalalay sa isang PUV driver. isipin mo 1 bus can carry as much as 100 passengers. not to mention mga kapwa motorista at pedestrian. so i don't see any reason why not to screen PUV drivers like pilots, ship captains, train engineers, etc.

    well going back to the topic, i think an effective implementation of speed limits for PUV's may improve road safety, but definitely not traffic. but at least that's one concern addressed.

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    Feb 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Altis6453 View Post

    ... Pustahan tayo if we threaten these drivers with castration mabilis pa sa alas-kwatro ang pag-sunod ng mga 'yan sa batas trapiko.
    Certified Deputized Civilian Kit for Instant, Mess-free PUV-Driver Castration = big seller sa Home Shopping Network.

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    Jul 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by empy View Post
    60 kph? wouldn't that cause even more road rage because of how slow they are moving?

    God knows i get infuriated at trucks and buses traveling at 60 mph on the highway
    don't worry sir, meron naman yellow lane and slow lane for them diba.

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60kph Speed Limiter for Buses and Trucks