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    [SIZE=3]Nissan Unit To Assemble New SUV Model
    Manila Times
    April 23, 2010

    Nissan Motor Philippines Inc. will assemble a new sport utility vehicle (SUV) that would be sold locally.

    Allen Chen, Nissan Philippines president, told reporters the company will start assembly of an SUV mode within the year. He refused to disclose the model, when assembly would begin, and how much additional investment the company would make.

    Chen said about 1,000 units of this new model would be manufactured each year.

    The company assembles in its Sta. Rosa, Laguna plant the 1.3 liter and 1.6 liter variants of Sentra, Grand Levina, and X-Trail.

    Chen said the company’s plant is using only about half of its annual capacity of about 7,000 units.

    Nissan Philippines on Thursday night launched the Sentra 200, which would be available in the local market in June. The model has a pre-selling price of between P1.05 million and P1.150 million.

    Chen said they target to sell 30 units of this new sedan every month. Units of Sentra 200 are imported from Mexico.

    Besides the locally assembled SUV, Nissan Philippines said it would launch another passenger car within the year.

    Chen said the company this year targets sales to increase by a fifth from last year’s 2,395 units. The company’s end-2009 sales were down 18.6 percent year-on-year.

    More local assembly of CKDs with more local parts please!!!

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    [SIZE=3]Mitsubishi Expect Sales To Grow a Fifth
    Manila Times
    April 26, 2010

    MITSUBISHI Motor Philippines Corporation (MMPC) expects this year’s sales to grow by a fifth. Citing a growing domestic market, Masahiko Ueki, MMPC president, told reporters the company forecast sales to reach between 27,000 and 28,000 units this year, from 23,247 units last year. MMPC on Friday night launched the 7th generation Fuso Canter light duty truck series, which has three variants: the four-wheeler FE71 and six-wheelers FE83 and FE85.

    The suggested retail prices are P1.12 million for the FE71; P1.255 million for the FE83; and P1.355 million for the FE85.

    Ueki said they expect sales of Fuso Canter trucks this year to reach up to 500 units by yearend.

    He said the company already sold about 300 units of the Lancer EX so far.

    MMPC recently resumed the local assembly of the sedan model. Ueki said the company targets to sell a total of 1,500 units of Lancer EX by yearend.

    He said they plan to increase the local content of the Lancer EX. At present, only about 5 percent of the sedan’s components are sourced locally, he said.

    Besides Lancer EX, MMPC also assembles in the country the Adventure and L300 models, as well as Canter trucks.

    Ueki said MMPC would soon launch a small crossover sport utility vehicle that would compete against Honda’s CRV and Hyundai’s Tucson.
    Ben Arnold O. De Vera
    More local assembly of CKD with more local parts to spur the local auto industry.

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    ^^^ agree!

    as for the Lancer EX... as for the 5% local content, i guess that is the reason why the price vis-a-vis its Japanese assembled counterpart hasn't dipped as much as we expected to. Yes, increase the local content and CKD assembly (read: Fuzion!) BUT never compromise quality!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpdm View Post
    Ueki said MMPC would soon launch a small crossover sport utility vehicle that would compete against Honda’s CRV and Hyundai’s Tucson.

    Eto ba yun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newcomer123 View Post

    Eto ba yun?
    is that the new outlander?

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    Nah that's the smaller RVR... Mas maliit pa siguro ito kaysa sa CR-V and Tucson...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianmitsulancer View Post
    ^^^ agree!

    as for the Lancer EX... as for the 5% local content, i guess that is the reason why the price vis-a-vis its Japanese assembled counterpart hasn't dipped as much as we expected to. Yes, increase the local content and CKD assembly (read: Fuzion!) BUT never compromise quality!!!

    Perhaps, they need to source some of the components from some Philippine based parts manufacturer say Yazaki Torres and Kyoritsu (wiring harness), Yokohama (tires), Asahi ( auto glass), radiators (Roberts), upholstery and aircon.

    This will bring down the price of Mitsu cars and might help in spurring demand again.

    I hope to see more local CKDs than CBUs and those illegal SUVic (like the Korean and japanese smuggled vehicles)

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    Maybe they should also source engine and transmission locally. I think they have transmission assembly sa pinas

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    [SIZE=3]Ford Reports Double Digit Sales, Set New Car Launch[/SIZE]

    Manila Times
    May 6, 2010

    Sales of Ford Group Philippines further grew in April, as the company expects faster growth this year with the launch of more vehicles, including the fast-selling Fiesta.

    In a briefing, Richard Baker, outgoing Ford Group Philippines president, said the company sold 1,023 units last month—the second time that it has sold over 1,000 units in a month.

    Baker said sales of Ford and Mazda vehicles in April grew 17 percent and 60 percent, respectively.

    Total sales in April were higher by almost a third from the previous month, he said.

    Ford Group Philippines had targeted sales this year to go up 20 percent from 8,184 units last year.

    It had also projected exports this year to grow by up to a 10th from last year’s 7,277 units—which Baker said could be the highest export volume since 2005.

    The US automaker’s local unit has supply agreements with Ford’s subsidiaries in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand—where it exports the models Escape and Focus—as well as with Mazda in Thailand.

    Baker said Ford Group Philippines this year would jack up to about 15,000 units its production at its Sta. Rosa, Laguna plant, from about 11,000 last year. But this is still less than half of the plant’s installed annual capacity of 35,000 units.

    Baker said the company will launch in the Philippines this year the Fiesta—currently one of the fastest-selling subcompact car models in Europe—but he declined to provide details. He said this model would compete with top-selling Japanese models such as Honda’s City and Jazz and Toyota’s Corolla and Vios.

    Ben Arnold O. De Vera

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    BoI to create committee to review auto excise tax

    May 10, 2010, 9:32pm
    Manila BUlletin

    The Board of Investments is set to create a committee, composed of government agencies and auto industry players, to determine the changes in the automobile excise tax needed to boost auto sales and to grant preferential treatment for low-priced locally assembled vehicles.

    An official source said the committee will determine the appropriate recommendations for the legislative branch to restructure the automobile excise tax system, which was set in 2003 under Republic Act No. 9224, An Act Rationalizing the Excise Tax on Automobiles.

    The review of the automobile excise tax is directed at addressing the diminishing sales of the Asian Utility Vehicle and to prop up the planned new vehicle category, the Philippine Utility Vehicle (PUV) under the new Motor Vehicle Development Program.

    The intention is to revive the vibrancy in the AUV sector and the promotion of the PUVs by giving these vehicle categories some favorable excise tax treatment. These vehicle categories are deemed the most affordable among vehicle categories, have high local content that could promote the development of the local auto parts and components industry and create more employment.

    An official said that BOI has to rely on the recommendations of the committee for the legislature as the repeal of the excise tax issue will be dealt by Congress.

    ”That is why we are seeking the commitment from the industry stakeholders,” the official said. He also noted that the repeal of the law should not result in revenue loss for the government as it may just shift the tax burden to other categories, probably the luxury vehicles. The Department of Finance will be part of the committee.

    Before the passage of RA 9224 in 2003, AUVs were not subject to excise tax payments because they are intended for entrepreneurial activities like transport of persons and goods. At that time, the AUV must have a seating capacity of 9 passengers and must adhere to a required small engine size to avail of the tax exemption.

    The implementation of the law in 2004 was blamed for the start in the decline in the sales of AUVs because it removed the tax exemption granted to this vehicle category with the imposition of a value-based excise tax on all vehicles regardless of the seat capacity and engine displacement qualifications.

    Under RA 9224, an excise tax of P12,000 plus 20% of value in excess of P600,000 for vehicles with a net manufacturer's price of from P600,000 to P1.1 million, the price range of the AUV. This is in addition to the income tax and now, the E-VAT that are imposed on vehicles.

    A 2003 study conducted by the University of Asia and the Pacific analyzing the Philippine automotive industry showed that the excise tax effectively increased the price of the AUV by approximately 3% to 7%.

    The year after, AUV sales went down by 7,843 units (down 25.7%) from 30,507 units in 2003 to 22,664 units in 2004. Although it rose slightly to 26,391 units by 2005 (up 16.4%), it was still way below the pre-excise tax level. By 2006, the AUV sales still could not recover as it posted an even lower 25,112 units (down 1,279 units or 4.8%), the study showed.

    Looking at the year 2004 alone (the year after the excise tax was imposed), for an AUV with a net price of P600,000, the excise tax collected at 2% (the rate for a net manufacturer's price of up to P600,000) and a sales volume of 22,664 units amounted to about P272 million.

    This should be vigorously pursued and implemented.

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