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    Dec 2004
    SNAP! Went one of the trunk lid springs on my '97 Accord.

    Now the trunk doesn't "spring" open and doesn't stay up - and realized how heavy it was!

    Anyone replaced one already? It seems an easy task, though I haven't been able to source a part yet - all surplus shops I've been to say that it doesn't come with the trunk when they purchase it. Where could it be sourced? Estimated cost?

    If I can't source one, would it be possible to put a "hydraulic arm" (like the one they use on hoods) to hold up the trunk? Estimated cost as well and where to source/have installed?

    Thanks friends!

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    May 2007
    You could order it at Honda Dealer, if not try wrecking yard(Junk yard). If no luck your only option is to buy a Damper shock but you must drill parts of the trunk to place one.

Replacement Trunk Lid Spring - Where to Buy?