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    Mar 2004
    mga sir, pano po ba macheck kung ok pa ang water pump?

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    Oct 2005
    Mga sirs, similar problem with mine. un sa akin naman nababawasan un reservior ko once i travel long distance or encounter heavy traffic. Hindi naman dati ganito. this problem occurred last week of sept. 2005 when i drained the radiator and replaced with new coolant. the ratio of coolant is 1L is to 1.5L of distilled water. Now and then ganito na ang problem and no leaks naman. Maybe guys you can help us on this. Thanks.

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    Sep 2005
    sir paj gmbh,
    assuming the what you have done already is correct, i suggest these sir. you may have overlooked at this....
    1. check the radiator cap. baka sira na gasket kaya nauubos ang water sa radiator, not sa reserve.
    2. check all the bypass hoses, hose plugs, hose going to the reserve tank. baka may maluwag na clamp lang or may pinhole na butas sa mga hose.
    3. check the upper and lower radiator hose especially sa clamp side baka iyun naman ang may problem.

    kapag cold start ok naman ang engine? di nanginginig, knocking sound, at walang white smoke? kung meron, there is something wrong with the cylinder head. one way of testing this is to remove the heater plugs, crank the engine and see where the water comes out para ma pinpoint mo kung which cylinder may problem...

    hope this helps....

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    Mar 2004
    thankyou sir, ill try to check all of that will give you the feedback after the test. BTW sir, what kung ippatest ko sa mga talyer yung cylinder head what should they do? hydro test or compression test?? im already done wid pressure test sa rad.

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    Oct 2002
    replace your radiator cap.

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    Nov 2004
    Baka kailangan mo rin palitan ang reservoir mo. Kung hindi siya air tight walang negative pressure to push water to the radiator.

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    Mar 2004
    based on my observation. pagbagong takbo naddagdagan resoirvoir ko tapos pag cooldown na bawas na sya. tama yun diba? but everytime i open the radiator cap kulang sya sa 2big hindi puno. based on my test while engine is running i open the rad cap tapos every 10sec to 15 e may bula. hindi lumulobo na parang bubbles. parang blok!!! isang malaki lang. what might be the problem? but minimal lang ang bawas.

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    Jun 2005
    Run your vehicle in upward incline (mas-mataas yong harapan)until its warm to touch (make sure that your radiator cap is remove), and the same time gently squish the two rubber hose thats attach (be careful, rotating parts on the engine) to the radiator, and replinesh needed coolant until fully top-off. this should take no more 30 minutes. By the way, the higher the angle of incline, the better. Also, make sure that the bottom drain plug of the radiator is not leaking. Sometimes, mechanics tends to forget that rubber o-ring get brittle as it ages.

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    Nov 2003
    baka singaw ka sa valves etc...

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    Oct 2002
    share ko lang sa akin, early this year, had the same problem, hinanap ko at nakita ko na hose na may tagas kaya doon nag leak ng water, after i changed it, naku......water pump ko nag leak na din. try mo hanapin baka hose lang ng leak......

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