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    Nov 2002
    helo pips,
    i've been using my CODE alarm sa honda vti ko for >2years na. lately, medyo intermittent na ang auto-unlock nya pag press ko na ung unlock icon sa remote. bago na yung baterya ko.

    does anyone ever had experienced this? patulong naman...


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    Oct 2002
    Just in a previous thread, I also own a CODE alarm for my Strada. I also experienced this intermittent auto-unlock. Since under warranty pa siya at that time ibinalik ko sa casa. Pero 3rd party pala installer nila so I was directed to WinterPine in Araneta Ave., Q.C. The technician just adjusted the alarm and it's since been 19 months since the problem at wala na siya.

    Bring your car and alarm to your Honda dealer and just have it adjusted.

    Goodluck. :D

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    Nov 2002
    ok. i'll do that... thanks, roydok...

intermittent auto-unlock...