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    Nov 2004
    Automotive Wolf Premier 4.497

    Automotive maintenance software created and designed for anyone to use with any car, truck or almost any type of vehicle. It's perfect for the average family car owner or the serious enthusiast. Cars and trucks are expensive. Its one of the biggest purchases you will make in life. Vehicles in general are a complicated piece of machinery that can cost you a lot of money in repairs if you do not pay attention to maintenance requirements over the life and your ownership of the vehicle. Many things can go wrong that can cost you literally thousands of dollars and increase your stress level substantially. However a mode of transportation has become a necessity in our society so trying to minimize costly repairs and the stress and hassle associated with your vehicle constantly being in a service centre is certainly a worthwhile endeavor.

    Many of the problems vehicle owners encounter can be avoided by simply following some simple maintenance advice.... in Automotive Wolf we call these 'maintenance requirements'. We separate these requirements into 2 major categories entitled 'inspections' and 'maintenance'. A third category called 'user defined requirements' is available for you to add specific requirements for your particular car or truck or simply to add additional requirements suited to your personal preferences. The 'built-in' inspection and maintenance requirements in Automotive Wolf were suggested by expert automotive technical consultants we enlisted in the fields of automotive design and repair. These experts were paid a fee to provide their best advice based on their many years of experience working in the automotive field. The 'base' requirements incorporated into Automotive Wolf were all suggested by these experts, such as changing the oil every 3000 miles or 90 days or inspecting the coolant level every 500 miles. Just following these two simple rules can save you thousands of dollars in repairs yet most vehicle owners fail to do either. Also it should be mentioned that you will one day possibly want to sell your vehicle. If you have kept track of all the maintenance performed using Automotive Wolf you will be able to present the prospective buyer with a very nice printed report detailing everything you have done in the time you owned it... that usually is a BIG selling factor and proves to the new owner that you took good care of your car. That alone can increase the resale value tremendously! Cars may not be the best investment in life but why not try and maximize your return? That's smart and it only puts more money in your pocket.

    Get it here:


    or here:


    Comes with a crack. Use winrar to unpack.


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    Jul 2005
    yari ka...bawal piracy dito. hehe. nice find though, worth $39.95.

Automotive Wolf Premier 4.497