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    Sep 2003
    OFWs Propping Up Economy, Admits GMA


    In an apparent slip of the tongue, President Arroyo has publicly acknowledged and probably for the first time that one big external factor — migrant labor — is propping up the Philippine economy.

    “I want to thank the millions of hardworking Filipinos, including our overseas workers, who have come together to help turn around our economic fortunes. The bandwagon of Filipino productivity and excellence is pulling us forward in the world,” a Malacañang statement yesterday quoted the Chief Executive as saying last Friday evening upon her arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport from a week-long working visit to China.

    Mrs. Arroyo, during her more than five years in Malacañang, had credited her supposed managerial expertise as a major reason behind the also supposedly sound performance of the country’s economy.

    She had referred to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) as “modern-day heroes” but did not openly mention their remittances in the billions as the money shoring up the often deficit-wracked economy.

    The President, in her arrival speech, pointed out that the latest sovereign credit rating upgrade on the Philippines is “another important step forward for the Filipino people to build the country and raise the quality of life and help lift the poor from the grip of poverty.”

    Moody’s last Thursday cited ongoing fiscal reforms implemented by the Arroyo administration as main reason for it to remove its negative outlook on the Philippines nine months after Standard and Poor’s and Fitch Ratings made similar upgrades.

    It noted the country’s progress in reducing its fiscal deficits and dependence on external financing for the upgrade.

    In her speech, the President also pointed out that “for the first time in a generation, we have now the money for long overdue investments in our people and our nation. We have the first fruits of our reform — surplus money, not debt — to invest in infrastructure, education and healthcare and attract new investments to create good, high-paying jobs in the Philippines.”

    Moody’s Investors Service “raised our outlook in recognition of the huge progress we have made in the Philippines to reform our economy and take control of our economic future,” she said.

    Mrs. Arroyo’s visible elation from the upgrade, according to a detained congressman, is allegedly a sign that the President is “seriously hallucinating.”

    Thus, Party-list Rep. Crispin Beltran, in a statement, also yesterday said, the President “must immediately step down on the grounds of mental incapacity.”

    Beltran, who has been in jail for months for alleged involvement in coup against Mrs. Arroyo last February, was reacting to her arrival statements that the Philippines now has surplus money to build schools and infrastructure, expand public health services and create more jobs.

    He said the President “pegging her hopes for the country on an improved credit rating” is misplaced, citing “the hundreds of Filipinos losing their jobs everyday, the widespread and increasing incidence of hunger and the hundreds of thousands more having no access to the most basic social services such as healthcare, education and housing.”

    The congressman added Malacañang “has manipulated facts and figures to hide the true extent of poverty in the country and to project an improved fiscal situation.

    Beltran said 80 percent of Filipino families fall below decent living standards and the government, over the last five years or so, had lessened its allocations for vital social services, with those for education falling by five percent and health by 19 percent.

    He added the government continues to make high borrowings to promote the image that there is economic growth, when annual net borrowing rose from P175 billion in 2001 to P219.4 billion in 2005 and annual payments jumped from P274 billion in 2001 to P679 billion in 2005.

    Earlier last Thursday, Beltran said the improved credit rating from Moody’s simply means that that “the national government can continue making loans.”

    “In short, the creditors will keep making money from demanding debt payments with high interest rates, on the one hand, and, on the other, the Arroyo government can continue making loans to fund its own corruption and twisted economic projects that benefit foreign investors without aiding the local economy,” he added.

    The rating, according to him, is “self-serving.”

    Beltran said foreign creditors and their adjunct agencies know that the election season is coming, and “it is a time when money literally flows like water if only through the hands of the big-time politicians and the incumbent executives of the national government and local government units. They want to project an improved fiscal image for the Philippines so investors can begin placing their bets on whom they want to win in the elections and who can support their business agendas.”

    He was referring to the scheduled May 2007 local and national elections.


    So, ibig sabihin kung wala palang OFWs, "lugmok" na ang economy ng Pinas?
    Mga kabayans, palakpak tayo......"modern day heroes" daw tayo.

    Dahil daw sa OFW remittances, nagkaroon tayo ng surplus money, to invest in infrastructure, education and healthcare and attract new investments to create good, high-paying jobs in the Philippines.

    Uwi na tayo, meron na tayong mapapasukang "high paying" jobs sa atin! (INSHALLAH!)

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    Dec 2005
    Walang kaduda-duda,- isa sa pinakamalaking bahagi ng ating ekonomiya ang mga remittances ng OFWs..... Pero, may concern ba ang gobyerno sa social, emotional at religious implications ng OFW-phenomenon.... wala!

    IMO wala. So, dahil sa walang concern,- wala ring ginagawa para mapabalik ang ating mga Bagong Bayani sa ating bansa... Kanya kanya tayong langoy mga kababayan...

    Trabaho? Bukra in shaAllah


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    Aug 2006
    To hell with our government...nsa saudi pa erpats ko nari2nig ko na yan...

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by paul*taipei View Post
    To hell with our government...nsa saudi pa erpats ko nari2nig ko na yan...
    hahaha.....akala ko sasabhin mo din retired na erpat mo sa KSA at ikaw naman ngayon ..ganon pa din ang kahol ng gobyerno

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    Oct 2002
    Ibig sabihin nyan madami nanamang pera na pwedeng gamitin si GMA at kanyang mga ka-partido para sa 2007 elections!

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    Oct 2002
    :bwahaha: Ano nga ba pakinabang natin sa gobyerno natin? Sila lang ang laging nakikinabang e.

    Pupurihin ang mga OFW pero wala naman ginagawa para ipakita yung apreciation nila.

    Sabi nga ni CVT, kanya kanyang langoy tayo para maka survive. Kaya sana tayo-tayo nalang din ang mag tulungan kung di tayo kayang tulungan ng gobyerno.

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    Apr 2006
    hoyyyy mga kapwa ko OFW magbunyi tayo dahil “modern-day heroes" daw tayo. sama talaga niya di ba ang hero mga patay lang, si rizal, bonifacio, del pilar, sino pa alam nyo... totoo naman patay na rin tayong itinuturing, patay ang kaligayahang makapiling ang mga mahal sa buhay, patay ang relasyon sa pamilya, patay ang relasyon sa mga kaibigan, at lalong higit patay ang pag-asang maka uwi for good at makapamuhay pa ng maayos sa ating inang bansa, patay patay kang bata ka.

    puro salita ng papuri sa mga OFW, puro ang banggit sa mga naii-remit ng mga OFW, wala namang maibigay na pabor sa mga OFW dahil pareho-pareho silang balasubas. kamusta na ang OWWA? may pera pa ba ang OWWA?

    mga kapwa ko OFW tama si CVT, kanya kanya tayo ng langoy, tayo tayo na rin lang ang magtulungan.

    kaya ingat lang mga kapwa ko OFW and God bless you all!

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    Sep 2003
    Hoy......huwag kayo ganyan, malay niyo, baka mag-dilang ANGHEL si Ate Glo.

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    Jan 2006
    modern day hero daw?Kung alam lang niya kung paano tratuhin ng ilang personnel sa immigration ang mga ofw tuwing uuwi or aalis ng pinas.

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    Aug 2004
    RE: Article... NO DUH!

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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