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    Nov 2010
    Hello po. i need your help po kasi meron po akong nissan terrano a/t imported diesel 1995 model....parang me problema po ata ang trans....ganito po yun pag naka takbo na po ang car mya mya po nararamdaman ko may vibrate and din hindi na uusad ang car pero buhay pa makina naka (D) Drive po, parang hindi kumakapit ang gear kahit apply ako ng gas pedal hindi na sya ang ginawa ko patay muna na makina ng mga 30 secs. din start ulit takbo na naman mga 300 meters or minsan lagpas pa.hindi na naman kumakapit ang gear os transmission hindi na sya uusad kahit naka drive ako......pablik balik po ang syan ganyan parati...patay makina din takbo na naman.....ano po kaya possible problem? transmission na po ba? i need ur help po

    please email me * Rjtopz* or need your reply here.... ni refer lang po ako ni CIVICVTI from

    Marami pong Salamat

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    Apr 2004
    that's either a transmission problem or hopefully, just the parking brake sticking. you can move after stopping the engine because the time it takes to stop, restart, is enough for the brakes to cool and contract, causing some slack.

    put the car in 2wd drive mode and reverse a little, maybe 50 meters, in case it's a 4wd system wind up problem (happens when you drive in 4wd low tapos straight non bumpy surface). after 2wd, switch to 4wd again and reverse again.

    if you can't do the above because hindi ka talaga makausad, try to drive to the nearest gas station and replace the a/t fluid. hopefully you're just running on dirty fluid o kaya natuyuan ka na o kaya mali yung fluid... any of which will cause pressure loss preventing the transmission from transmitting power to the wheels.

    kung hindi talaga kaya kahit nagparefill ka na ng fluid, salpakan mo na ng surplus.

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    Nov 2010
    thank you sir the way sir yun nga buti nalang sa c5 meron ako nadaanan caltex...din nag pa replace na ako ng atf 4 ltr lahat.....pero ganun parin....nagtanong din ako sa ibang mekaniko baka daw kulang na kuryente kasi pag stop din drive humahatak pa...mya mya lang wala na naman....nanibago lang ako nito kahit naka drive sya din patayin ko makina tapos start kahit naka drive umaandar parin...dati kung terrano na 93 model kelangan naka park ka muna bago mo start...hindi sya mag start pag nakalagay sa drive mode....pero ito ngayon 95 model kahit naka drive pwede mo sya start........


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    Aug 2010
    Sir rjtopz, I had the same problem with my Nissan Terrano 1997 R3m, I discovered the source of the problem when I discovered that a burning smell emitted from the left rear tire wherein the handbrake system is located. The handbreak got stuck! I removed the wheel and cleaned the system with a brush and water, after drying, I used WD40 oil and sprayed oil inside the handbreak cable until the dirt comes out and complete penetration is achieve. Re installed everything and the problem was solved. I think its a must that we should always check the mechanism in the tire system everytime we run over flood water cause mud/dirt get stocked in it. just may 2 cents advice. . . hope it helps.

Nissan Terrano A/T Problem?