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    Jan 2010
    hi, can somebody help me about what's been happening to my nissan exalta 2000.

    This is quite a long story but please bear with me.

    Nkapagpa-overhaul nako ng radiator kc there was one day when i was refilling it with water (routine ko before leaving), may umangat na oil. so i got the oil cooler of the radiator checked,no problem naman.

    But then,kinabukasan when i used it,after 10km,i stopped dahil mag-ooverheat, when i got to refill it again, i also checked the engine oil, pagkakita ko, pink na ung kulay. (red ung engine oil ko) so i concluded na nahaluan ng water. so i got the car towed back to our house. then i called my mechanic top overhaul na rw. Ginawa na un plus nakapagmachine shop na (refaced the valves and the cylinder head,replaced valve seals and head gasket with original nissan parts), ung engine block dko napa-check pa.

    AFter it got fixed, sabi keep it first 40-60kph para nde mabigla. I obeyed. Then for total 5days,i tallied that i drove the car for just 50km. On the 6th day when i was about to bring it again, i saw na nman na iba color ng engine oil (nung nagpa-change oil ako after top overhaul, i used regular engine oil muna: the usual color yellow). Dahil dun, i went to a car shop to have the oil drained,mga 3 flushing. I got the cover to be cleaned up and nakita ko na nag-accumulate ung milky white substance sa tapat ng timing chain. Tapos, nung okay na ulit, i drove it to test.

    Umabot ako ng 70kph (dstance covered from car shop *makro cainta to lrt purple lane: 7km na) then all is well until i got to kamias (dstance covered 11km), biglang tumataas temp ulit, so i pulled over and have it checked again, pag-open na nman ng radiator cap and when we're refilling it, color brown naman na oil ang nag-surface..

    I got it towed back to our house at dko na alam ano pang gagawin ko. I mean where will i start again?

    Please advise. Thank you.

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    Oct 2002
    It means the overhaul didn't fix your water leak.

    I think there is no other choice but to give your engine another check. Maybe even to check if the block or cylinder head warped either due to heat or improper torquing.

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    Jul 2009
    As what you said check also your engine block for damage and top overhaul did not fix the problem bring it back to your mechanic .

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    Oct 2002
    The only way to properly check the engine block is through a hydrotester (or something like that). We used to go to bring the blocks to Precision along Roces in Q.C. for that.

    Otherwise, better to find a surplus block.

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    Jul 2008
    Sir check your water pump. Sabi ng mga kaofficemates ko dito sa nissan its possible na yun ang may leak according to the model ng sentra na binigay mo. ang exchange kasi ng fluid na nangyari sayo is from engine to radiator and back e. the highest possible place na mangyari ang fluid exchange na to is sa water pump.

    Team Nissan.

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    Jan 2010
    Hi Ninyo,

    Thank you so much for that info. Actually a trusted mechanic mentioned that one already to us, and something to do with timing chain cover. We were so focused of the head/block problem so we didnt even touched-base with that (water pump) comment.

    We'll probably give that one a try, coz the thing is after the last drive we had with the car (the 11 km i mentioned in my original post), we just parked the car in the garage for weeks until we save money and have time to deal with the prob again. Last week we asked for another mechanic to check it, surprisingly we drove with it for like more than 12 km without any problem, oil color is good, no overheating, good acceleration, one-click start, etc. Then the next day we drove it around the village again, roughly 3km, still no problem. Then yesterday we checked the oil and its starting to show signs of turning into a milky substance. So we stopped test driving it again.

    Checking the waterpump - i hope will solve the problem coz really the car was running fantastic after the second overhaul except for that oil turning milky.

    Worst part, this is my first car, bought it from a guy who swore on his life that the car wasnt flooded but only after 2 months of running, been to numerous mechanics all saying it was indeed flooded =( haay. But i know we'll get through it.. I hope!

    Thanks guys for all your help and suggestions!

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    Mar 2008
    had you mentioned in the first installment, na ondoy flood victim yan, i would have immediately said to check your fan motors and/or relays first.
    but i am curious: just what is the "oil cooler of the radiator"? i have a sentra, and i can't seem to locate it..
    additional info: pag nag-halo ang oil at water sa engine or gear- or differential box, , may parang gatas o coffee plus milk na nakikita sometime afterward.
    and i must admit, your description of the color change of your oil and your conclusion of oil in your radiator, has got me "interested".
    and how your waterpump has anything to do with any of all this, has got me more confused.
    anyways, methinks the worst case scenario you may have here, is a crack in your engine block, causing oil and water to mix... this crack may have been caused by post-ondoy attempts at starting the car, or by overheating..
    good luck and tell us how it turns out.

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    Jan 2010
    um dun sa oil cooler, i dont know if i only said it wrong, ung tube sa ilalim ng radiator na prang less than a ruler's length, sabi dun sa radiator shop, dun raw may leak.

    the pink color naman of the engine oil during the first time it happend was because the synthetic oil is red, so pg may water and they mix, pink will likely be the color.. but during the next "mixing", since regular oil nlng which is yellow, nagiging kulay coffee with creamer..

    i havent checked the wiring but i will, soon as the car will move again..thanks for that

    then with water pump,since mlpit sha sa timing cover (na we suppose it has a hole at dun nanggaling ang pag mix of water and engine oil) bka naman the water pump is having problems raw kaya i have to check with my mechanic,during the 2nd time we changed oil kc, the large amount of accumulation of the "milk-like" substance was around the timing chain area, im really confused narn, but thanks for the advise and info, will give an update

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    Aug 2004
    Oil cooler? Maybe you mean the automatic transmission fluid cooler in the bottom of the radiator?

    Situation sucks... but a problem with the water pump and overhaul don't really point to an Ondoy thing... it's probably just wear and tear and/or signs of a disastrous overheat in the engine's past.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jan 2010
    yeah i guess you're right niky. i got my cylinder head checked at a machine shop. (crack/hydro test) and it showed malaki ang crack ng cylinder head nun exalta ko..

    now my next problem is what reputable shop to go to. i mean, banawe, blumentritt have lots, but of course, i want to get advise pra alam ko san pde makabili. please help.

    and while looking for a surplus cylinder head, im planning to get the engine block checked as well, since kalas naman lahat para no doubts in my mind that the block is still good and without any prob din. i hope it's a gud idea.

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Nissan exalta serious problem, please help