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    Sep 2007
    i'm planning to buy a used 2000-2001 cefiro. does anyone own one?
    how would you describe the car in terms of ride, quality handling and acceleration? Does the multi-link beam suspension give a harsh ride? Why is its depreciation rate so high? thank you

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    Mar 2006
    Sir, welcome po sa

    Here's my opinion, the depreciation cost has many factors, mainly because the Cefiro is a midsize car executive car. Being a bigger car compared to the Sentra means impractical, eats fuel too much, and much more expensive to maintain.

    All I can say about the Cefiro, its fast and eats fuel most of the time.

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    Jun 2006
    As a former owner of a Cefiro, here are my comments:
    1. Low resale value. Great if you are buying used.
    2. Wonderful VQ engine. Quiet, refined, adaquate power and comes with timing chain and platinum or iridium spark plugs, forgot which one.
    3. Be prepared to spend for gas. About 5-6 kms per liter city driving.
    4. Very comfortable ride.

2001 Nissan Cefiro