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    Nov 2006
    Can anyone help me find a mitsi 4G63 Turbo motor with or w/o ECU. Tranny is not required coz this will be for a box type transplant project. Please provide contact info.

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    Aug 2004
    Don't have contact info, but you can look around at the shops in Evangelista, Makati. This street can be reached by turning right between Jollibee and McDo on EDSA southbound after the Magallanes flyover. I used to buy engines from Dom at a place called "Parts n Shop" (at least, I think it's called that).

    How are you going to do the transmission? Machine shop an adaptor?

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Sep 2006
    there's a place in marikina that imports japan parts, engines etc. thats where we get parts for our vw,

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    Nov 2006
    thanks for the replies but would you guys happen to have the shop's phone number?

    Niky, concerning the tranny I did some extensive research and found out that mitsubishi only have two types of RWD belhousings (small / narrow and big / wide). Small bell housings are used by 4g3X's and can be adapted for 4G63's. Though 4G64's utilized a wide bolt pattern and it can only use a big bell housing. RWD big bell housings mostly came from Starion or Conquest with a 2.6L engine US version. Japan version Starion's had 2.0L.

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    Dec 2003
    Try mo sa Initial D. Baka meron silang 4g63.Parang meron na akong nakita na nakakabit na ganyan sa macapagal ah.Ang bilis nga eh kaso biglang natanggal ang gulong niya sayang.

In Search of 4G63 Turbo Engine