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    Feb 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by V!S View Post
    * SixTwo62

    pre ang galing ng ginawa mo ah! ano pinang tanggal mo ng dumi sa ilalim ng hood? and un red paint mo ba yung pang hi temp na ba? ano brand gamit mo?

    isip ko din linisin engine ko.

    Wow Degreaser gamit ko..inoorder ko per gallon.mahal kasi un sa ace tapos spray can sobrang tapang..hindi sulit..tapos all paints are Bosny Hi-temp ace hardware ko binili

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    Oct 2008
    Hi guys!

    It's been a while since the last time I checked here..

    Anyway, my L200 is about to be retouched which will start on Monday.

    First off, Im from Cebu & I need your opinion on what color do you think is better and also ask if which of the accessories would fit better with the paint that will be used..

    Here's a pic of my L200 which was taken 3yrs ago.. More or less the unit still looks the same but with a few more rust and some bumps on the front bumper..

    L200 Mine by kingceltic200.1, on Flickr

    I like how my pick up is being set up as it looks very astig! hehehe

    So, here's my question. Which of the paint is more nice? The paint of my L200 or this one posted below? Also, do you guys think that if I use the same paint would it be better if I use the stainless bumper or the plastic bumper?

    Here is a pic i checked on the net:

    L200 Gray by kingceltic200.1, on Flickr

    I've already canvassed some auto parts shop here in Cebu of some accessories.. I was only able to take pics on 1 autoparts shop.


    Front Grill: Not sure about the chrome & black that they've told me coz my Front grill is fully chromed as you can see at the top

    Black: 1,800
    Chrome: 2000

    Plastic: 3,600
    Stainless: 5k + as they still have to order it



    Plastic: 1,920

    L200 Front Plastic Bumper by kingceltic200.1, on Flickr


    Center Bumper: 2,620

    L200 '90-97 Front Center Bumper Stainless by kingceltic200.1, on Flickr

    Extension bumpers: 530/ piece & I need both so 1,060

    L200 '90-97 Front Bumper Extension by kingceltic200.1, on Flickr

    Actually, I like the plastic bumper problem is I dont think it will fit with my stainless step board and my rims, right?

    Can plastic be chromed? I've heard that chromes are only for metals, is it true?

    If you check on my Front Grill above the whole front grill is being chromed however the sample pic I took above has a black paint on its center

    Here's from Kapitan parts:

    L200 '95-97 Front Grill by kingceltic200.1, on Flickr


    Looking for this specific Deflector Rain Gutter for 1997 Mitsubishi L200.
    I need the same rain gutter coz I dont like the new black ones on the market right now.

    I was told that this rain gutter is onlny available in Banawe..

    If you guys have it pls contact me asap * 09216593916



    Hope you can help me!

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    Feb 2012
    wow >.> so lucky..i wanted a plastic bumper..but its hard to find here in cavite..but atm im saving for offroad tjm bumpers :D worth 25-30k ..but worth naman :D

    but im still searching for front grilles kasi bali bali na ang mga clip nito kaya atm naka alambre ito ..

    *pierced.Go for the dark grey color and plastic bumper. I think your grille is already repainted sinced its all chrome..orig is black center/headlight and chrome on sides..
    and there are chrome paints for plastics AFAIK

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    Oct 2008

    tnx a lot sa input po..

    I already bought the Front grill but wasnt able to sa plastic bumper naubusan ng stock.. Hopefully by this week meron na.. I reserved 1 for me nah hehe

    If I may ask, where can we buy the chrome paints for plastic?


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    Feb 2012
    hanap ka sa ace hardware or handyman..

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    Oct 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by SixTwo62 View Post
    hanap ka sa ace hardware or handyman..
    tnx a lot sa info.. i called ACE Hardware here in SM Cebu and they have it! hahahaha Problem solve!

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    Oct 2008

    Bought Chrome spray paint for plastic for php250 * ACE Hardware here in SM Cebu

    Also bought a rain gutter that looks very similar to mine..

    Here are the pics of the rain gutter.. Ordered this in Banaue through my friend..

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    Oct 2008
    Im hoping that the rain gutter that I got is the same as this..

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    Oct 2008

    Some pics I took today..

    Day 2:

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    Feb 2012
    grabe naman un hood. lahat minasilya na...sana pagnatapos yan..showroom effect...sana pinagipunan mo nadin at ginawa mo nang scrape to metal para maganda..tangal interior,makina, at un bed..para lahat same color..

    tatangalin ba nila un bed?kung hind mahrap yan may ibang kulay un sngt nyan sa gitna

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