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    This is how i see it...

    The Lancer EX MX is a flop, the Lancer EX GT/GT-A is a success.

    When it comes to the lower-end model everyone would expect a smaller engine that will equate to good fuel economy. but with the Lancer EX MX that came with a 2.0 engine, people were looking for a 1.8 or even the 1.6- it was absolutely nowhere to be found here considering MMC is NOT at all producing any modern day 1.6 engine with MIVEC ([SIZE=1]the 4G18 1.6 in the JT Lancers soldiers on though[/SIZE]). Its either the europe-exclusive 1.8 which is not readily available in Asia ([SIZE=1]except for taiwan- where did they get their 1.8 engine[/SIZE]?). Regarding the 1.5 in Singapore, it may provide adequate acceleration, but im sure the 1.8 will be more in proportion. In contrast to the 2 higher models... people were lining up to get it... especially in Red since it is this model and color combo that made the EX click on its niche.

    ...and i presume that the Philippines is not the only one asking for 1.8.

    *Chrionic- welcome aboard!

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    Sep 2004
    A co-worker recently got his own Lancer EX and is enjoying it immensely.

    Quote Originally Posted by tidus1203 View Post
    It was thought to be the Civic killer, I myself thought it might not be the killer but its going to be a competition to the Civic. Its been many months now since the Lancer was released yet I don't see a lot in the roads myself. While the streets are still flooded with Civics and the Altis is gaining pace but still not as abundant as the Civic. What happened?
    So far, I have yet to hear about a single Lancer EX suddenly bursting into flames, unlike the Civic FD. :bwahaha:

    I suppose what the Lancer lacks in numbers, compared to the Civic and the Altis, it will more than make up for in terms of build quality, being a CBU from Japan.

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    Feb 2008
    ^^Well I never asked about quality... I was asking about sales...

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    popularity does not necessarily equate to build quality.

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    Oct 2008
    naririnig rinig ko na yung nasunog na civic sa may up?
    anyway, re lancer ex gta, kaya wala masyadong lancer ex ngayon eh dahil sa... wait... wait... ordering time!

    2 months if you're lucky.

    the car looks amazing and out performs cars in its class.

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    Sep 2003
    I see more Montero Sports than Lancers...And to think the Montero Sports can out later than the Lancer. And yeah, sales determine the future of a company, not the build quality.
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    Jun 2006
    May Di-D version daw nito ah. Kelan kaya ilalabas dito?

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    May 2006
    Flop? I dont know, just got my unit yesterday...MX lang pero, dami nang should try the paddle shifts in highways..sarap

    I chose the Lancer over honda, toyota and the subaru because its the cheapest 2 liter car in that segment plus the goodies at has in it. Galing kasi kami sa 2 liter na corona kaya sanay kami sa konsumo ng dos litros. And yan din siguro ang reason kaya di siya kasing dami ng honda at toyota sa bentahan kasi 2 liter lang siya available..
    Naalala ko yung friend ko na taga honda kinukumbinse ako na mag civic na kasi daw sila andaming nabebenta, lancer konti lang so ibig sabihin daw mas madami may tiwala sa honda, sabi ko naman, hindi, ilan na ba nabebenta niyong 2.0 na civic yun ang ikumpara mo sa lancer hindi yung 1.8 na civic.....hindi naka imik e

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    Mar 2008
    akala lang nila "market flop" ang lancer ex 2.0 kase yun mga nakita nilang mga naglipanang civics at altis sa daan eh mga 1.8cc's naman pala!

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    Feb 2008
    But even then I see mor 2.0 Civic's and 1.8L Altis than 2.0 Lancer's which all are roughly in the same category.

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Is the 2008 Lancer a market flop??