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    Aug 2004
    (or anyone you know) from the simplest to the extreme...

    nagkokolek ako dati ng beer-in-cans (hs at college days).. pero ngayon, magazine at dvd na lang.. my dad collects old and new coins..

    before, dami ang nagcocollect ng stamps.. pero ng mauso ang celfone at email, bihira na nagpapadala ng snail mail..

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    Oct 2002
    currently, i collect mp3 and cds.
    but before, i used to collect gadgets. very expensive collection. binenta ko na lang lahat.
    i also used to collect stamps, pero napabayaan na din.
    i also used to collect din pala matchboxes and model cars. pero nung lumaki na yung anak ko, ginawang laruan lahat.
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    Feb 2006
    I had a match (posporo ) collection back in college.
    Every place I went to whether it's free from a hotel/restaurant or bought from a store, I keep.
    Best matches I had came from Japan.

    Talking about collections, this girl I used to date had a spoon collection. I found it odd because everytime we ate out in a restaurant, she would actually slip the spoon she used in her purse...Strange!

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    Dec 2003
    err...pron dvds...console games...pc games...

    dati may gundam figures pero nasira na karamihan.

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    Oct 2002
    nakalimutan ko I attempted to collect pala yun mga bucket na lagayan ng mga coins sa mga hotels/casinos sa Las Vegas, ayun nawala na rin lahat, natapon na rin yata...

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    Jun 2007
    I collect a lot of things, from old philippine coins, to antique furnitures, to old bottles, santos, ephemeras, etc. I call myself a numismatist. I consider collecting a major investment aside from giving me self satisfaction and a sense of history.

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    Jan 2004
    I think I was born to be a collector. I have collected action figures, comic books, management books, original dvds, cds, etc. I used to collect discus fish but I ran out of time to take care of them and they eventually died.

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    Feb 2007
    Nung elementary and early highschool comics ang collection ko. The Amazing Spiderman, The Uncanny X Men and Wolverine lang. Nabenta ko rin lahat.

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    Sep 2004
    Used to collect Bandai model kits (primarily Gundam), but I found that it was a hobby I couldn't possibly sustain for long.

    Nowadays, I just collect movies and mp3s from the Net. No specific genre, I just search when a title randomly comes to mind.

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    Oct 2002
    dati, nba cards, cassete tapes

    ngayon mp3 na lang. hehehe

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