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    Feb 2005
    I know some of you will answer ( I will buy these and that etc....)..

    But my question is with regards to foreign currency exchange now and the future... have read that by year end, the forecast is 1USD=42PHP, then by next year it will be around 38-39 to 1USD..

    SO will it be wise to exchange it now to Peso? than wait coz the value of USD will even go down and I'm gonna lose some more peso...

    Or just wait til the USD will go back to 50+ levels which we do not know when will happen again??


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    Mar 2005
    i'll buy 1 54" Wide Format and 1 100" Wide format Printer.

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    Oct 2002
    ^^^ang kulit, nilinaw na nga ni innova boy yun question eh....

    I think if extra naman yan itago mo na lang muna, kahit anong sabihin mas safe pa rin pag nasa dollars ang pera mo or convert it to euro siguro..

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    Sep 2006
    trade to euro siguro

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    Sep 2004
    US$ 50,000 roughly translates to P2.3M

    I'd deposit 2M in a 5-year TD with monthly accrual of interest (~16.6k), then spend the rest (40" LCD, car wash-over, travel, etc.)

    Seriously, the dollar is weak (but it doesn't equate to the peso being strong), kaya best to exchange it right now. I think ang forecast ng most analysts ay US$1 = P44 by the end of the year.
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    Oct 2002
    I'd just think that a decade ago the exchange rate was something like P25:$1.

    Seriously, you can diverse your assets by investing some in dollars, euros, yen, peso and pound. It's really hard to speculate on currency, it wasn't too long ago that financial "experts" were predicting that the peso would slide down to P70:$1.

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    Jun 2006
    Change it to more stable currency. Right now, Euro is gaining.

    I also told that to my friend who keeps a multi-million dollar acct. Told her to just change it to Euro to cut her losses. Also told her about the plans of Arabs to change their reserves to Euro from Dollar (which will further bring down the USD).

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    Oct 2002
    i would still hold it and invest it in Dollar bonds or dollar denominated t-bills.
    and yes, the idea of diversifying it to other currencies like JPY, Euros, Aussie Dollars is also good.

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    Jul 2007
    since malapit na mag xmas.. exchange ko na to peso tapos sa xmas.. bibili ng USD ulit kung kelan mas mababa na yung exchange rate... :P

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    Oct 2004
    Hmmm..Let's see.. magtour

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what will you do if you have ,000 now??