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    Jan 2004
    Wala naman sigurong problema kung tagalog ang ating gagamitin di ba? ang mahalaga ay naiintindihan nang taong nagbabasa ang mga tinatype nang kinauukulan. Mapaenglish man iyan o tagalog at kahit mali mali pa ang ating grammar at spelling.


    Do not take the suggestions the wrong way. They are for the benefit of everybody here at the forum. The sarcastic remarks are uncalled for especially for a moderator. The people here are just voicing out their opinions. Please do not take offense.

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    Nov 2002
    guys, medyo pag sensyahan na po natin muna si cargirl ngayon..marami syang problema ngayon eh.

    to cargirl, easy ka lang muna ate. hayaan mo makakahanap ka din ng solution sa problem mo ngayon.

    Peace to all of you guys.

    Pwede na po nating lock ang thread na to..

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    Jan 1970
    we can make this a sticky thread para anyone can still read it anytime.

    kaso meron ng ganito dun sa guidelines noh?
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    Oct 2002
    ladies and gentlemen, i believe we've had enough discussion here.

    my apologies to the starter of this thread; please feel free to start a new thread if you feel you wish to discuss this topic more.

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Using shortened text grammar on forums.