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    Oct 2002
    St. Scho Marikina, Doc...

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    Nov 2005
    might as well go to the school... with grandma,granpa,BIL,you (theveed) and wife... tapos, go to the principal together with the kid's teacher - para may guarantor.... hehehehe!!!! and appeal... siguro naman papayagan na siya... kawawa din ang bata eh... hindi man matuloy meron pa rin iyan repercussion emotionally....

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    Oct 2002
    makukuha pa sa pakiusap yan ... special circumstances require special consideration

    ipaliwanag lang maige na malaking bagay sa bata ang biyahe nya at yung mga tickets ay hindi biro ang pag-ipon nun

    personally, i would keep asking for consideration and if it doesn't work, we'll go with the trip anyway ... the emotional experience of the child during those few days outweighs anything about school ... besides, i seriously doubt the missed exams can cause non-promotion to next grade considering her good performance ... she may lose class standing but not promotion

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    Dec 2005
    Hirap ng sitwasyon.

    We were in a similar situation a few years ago. I think our firstborn was in Grade4 and our secondborn was in pre-school and both missed a day in school as we were returning from an out-of-town vacation.

    I remember that they kept on telling my wife and myself that they missed a day in school, probably because of peer pressure.

    Talk to the child first and let her make an unbiased decision. Then, approach the school again, personally, and ask for consideration.

    Negotiate, if possible.

    IMO, lahat napag-uusapan....


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    Aug 2006
    yes, kausapin uli ang school. sabihin din sa class adviser at sa principal na siguradong me pasalubong sila pagbalik ng bata.

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    Oct 2002
    Bwehehe o nga no :P

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    Jun 2006
    sir theveed, di ba puwede re-book ang flight on a later date or after the exam? check with the airline,pagkaka alam ko po, correct me if im wrong, additional $50 ata pag re book ng flight.

    its not hard to understand how difficult the situation is for your niece and SIL, as well as for all of you but as early as now, the child IMO should learn to prioritize muna dapat. im not saying spending time with her mother is not important, but the reason why her mother is working abroad is to give her a better future which includes education right?

    i say, postpone the vacation after the exam, a day or two wouldnt hurt.

    opinion ko lang po.

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    Jan 2004
    If the formal channels don't work, try the personal approach. Go there in person and maybe emotions, not reason will prevail.

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    Jan 2005
    given the circumstances that forced both the exam and departure date to conflict, dapat pagbigyan na siya ng school.

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    Aug 2006
    another option: sabihin mo sa principal na mag do donate na lang kayo ng $100 para sa school. and all of you (plus all tsikoteers reading this thread) will keep this in confidence. at may pasalubong pa rin siya... hehehe.

    this is better than paying the rebooking fee of $50 each for the 3 tickets.

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School Dilemma - Need Opinions/Inputs