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    Oct 2002
    Background: My niece is in grade 2 (I think, o grade 1 hehe sorry - basta 7.5 years old), her mom (my wife's younger sis) is a single mom and is working in Singapore. She planned and bought several plane tickets for my niece, my mother and brother-in-law for a visit to Sing at the end of the month since matagal na sila di nagkita and the tickets she got were bought based on the lowest fare possible for 2006 (until the end of the year, at least). They're set to depart around the 28th of this month.

    Issue: My MIL and SIL (mother and sister in law) based the flight plan on last year's schedule where the kid's final exams have concluded on the second week of October. But due to the typhoons and other delays this year, my niece's final exam is moved and it'll coincide with their departure date.

    Since my SIL is a single mom and OFW, eto lang talaga chance and sched nya to see her daughter (and to bring her daughter out of the country for the first time), so she wanted to ask for an exemption or petition to move the test date.

    3 weeks ago, we've talked to the teacher hoping to arrange for an earlier exam date for my niece and she said she can't move it earlier but could possibly move it later date and told us to talk to the school secretary/principal about it.

    So we wrote a petition letter on my SIL's behalf stating the situation to the principal and after a week of waiting, the petition was denied saying that school policy doesn't allow moving of the exam date unless it was due to sickness or calamities.

    They can't get different flights since the cost is too prohibitive (additional 30K or so, since the previously purchased flights were really, really cheap).

    My niece is very depressed right now since she's been so excited to visit her mom in Sing since the start of the year, my SIL is very upset, my MIL doesn't want to aggrevate the school baka daw paginitan ng mga teachers yung bata...

    What can they do?

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    Oct 2004
    What is the percentage of the exam? If her grades are high enough maybe she could afford to skip the exam.


    Edit nothing unless she's willing to repeat.

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    Sep 2006
    Dapat pwede yan. Cyempre hindi pwedeng i-move yung official dates ng exam for the WHOLE elementary. Pero sana payagan naman na magspecial exam yung bata. E so kung matutuloy nga sa singapore ano yun ZERO yung bata sa exam? Kabobohan nman ata ng school yun.

    Try niyo ulit pakiusapan. Oo malabo nga kung earlier yung hinihingi niyo pero kung at a later date nman ok yun. Tell them the child has been longing to see her mother and it will be bad for her na mamiss tong opportunity na ito.

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    Sep 2005
    if she's so depressed.. then you can just tell the Principal that she got sick.. so now they can let her take a special exam..

    ano bang school yan.. napaka strict naman masyado..

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    May 2006
    Parang mas mabuti ata kung hindi nalang sinabi sa school yung plano tapos kunyari nagkasakit yung bata.

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    Oct 2002
    GasJunkie: Hmm, good point... Will ask my MIL...

    For me kasi, yes, I understand that schools have policies and should enforce policies equally (not set precedence), but... Grade 2 lang yan kasi hehe, it's not like a leakage will occur or something hehe. I think isa lang ata yung test for that day, if I'm not mistaken...

    Picard: The last letter was written with that premise... It's not a vacation naman actually, they just want to see each other... My niece's parental figure has mostly been her grandma, grandpa, my BIL, myself and my wife mostly... Iba padin yung nanay nya diba...

    If di sila matutuloy, malamang next year na earliest possible time, and in addition, syempre matatapon lang yung 3 tickets na nabili na ng SIL ko...

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    Oct 2002
    Kaya nga nauso yung special exam diba? Mas maaga, maaring hindi pumayag dahil iniiwasan lang ng school yung leakage. Although alam natin na hindi yun ang intention nyo, security reasons naman ang stand ng school.

    Kung hindi naman katagalan ang iaappeal ninyong exam date, baka pwede pakiusapan uli yung pincipal. Wag lang masyado matagal to the point na pati yung pag gawa ng grades and other school formalities e masyado nang madedelay.

    I can almost feel the disappointment of the mother & child kasi OFW din ako.

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    Oct 2002
    Kupaloid: 1 week appeal lang actually, mga 4-5 days lang sila mawawala, if ever.

    Leakage... Grade 2... medyo yun nga ang di ko magets hehe... and besides, mataas grades ng bata ever since. Oh well.

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    Oct 2004
    Ask the principal if they need a new library.........


    Edit I think grade 2 is a bit young to teach her the sneaky way......

    Edit2 Hard and painful but *sigh* summer is a great time to go to singapore

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by swimstroke View Post
    Parang mas mabuti ata kung hindi nalang sinabi sa school yung plano tapos kunyari nagkasakit yung bata.
    parang nahirap gawin reason ang "nagkasakit"baka later on tutuo magkasakit at grabe pa ,dami na ako naencounter kasama sa work nag ksakit kahit di tutuo di makapasok ,,ayon tutuo nga nag kasakit "VD"babaero kasi

    for humanitarian reasons sana makiusap uli kayo sa school ,
    sayang naman ang malaking halaga ng ticket kung mababalewala lang
    hirap kitain ang pera ng isang OFW
    OT : iyan niece ba na sinasabi nyo iyon nasa Photo album na post ninyo dati dito sa tsikot?

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