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  • I own and wear Rolex watch(s).

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  • I don't own a Rolex watch.

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    Oct 2002


    Rolex is arguably the most popular name in watches -- certainly when
    it comes to luxury watches. Classically Swiss, since 1915 Rolex has
    been producing watches designed for comfort, function and style.
    Today, Rolex is one of the most powerful luxury brands in the world
    working hard to retain its status. Rolex focuses on a few key watch
    lines that are quickly recognizable and highly desired the world over.
    Image aside, Rolex watches have a reputation for being very well
    manufactured -- despite what Dwayne Smith will tell you in his
    Arguments Against Rolex Watches -- lasting decades or more with simple

    Rolex watches are classic

    You’ll see below that most Rolex watches are archetypes: The Rolex
    Submariner is the classic diver’s watch, The Rolex Datejust is the
    classic formal men’s watch of the last half century and The Rolex
    Daytona is the classic sports chronograph. Rolex has benefited from
    keeping its product line simple and consistent. Instead of releasing
    brand new models, it keeps refining existing designs. This is
    extremely important because each watch contains the suggestions and
    wearing experiences of countless people who together have helped
    create timepieces that look good and work well.

    Take the Rolex Submariner line as an example. Based on the classic
    “Oyster” water-resistant watch cases, the timepiece is specifically
    designed to be easy to read in most conditions, to be hardy and have a
    comfortable and reliable construction. The Submariner design has
    achieved an almost impossible task: to look good on almost every
    person, on any occasion, regardless of age or outfit. Other Rolex
    watches edge close to this ideal as well. You have to ask yourself the
    question of whether that is due to something about the design of these
    watches or rather because we have been seeing them on important wrists
    our whole lives, and they simply mentally fit these positive watch

    James Bond wore a Rolex

    Omega doesn’t want you to know this, but the original James Bond watch
    was a Rolex Submariner. Creator Ian Fleming wrote that Bond was
    wearing the timepiece, while Sean Connery in the role brandished his
    Submariner proudly. Countless actors, celebrities and politicians have
    also been known to be Rolex men. Take the popular line of Paul Newman
    Daytona watches, or the Rolex Day-Date nicknamed the “President,”
    because many U.S. presidents (and otherwise) during the 20th century
    were known to wear the watch. Wearing a Rolex and being associated
    with these people and personalities can hardly be described as
    something you’d want to avoid.

    Rolex watches are the ultimate status symbol

    Wearing a Rolex watch communicates to people that you are successful
    enough to have rewarded yourself with the luxury of a nice watch.
    Rolex watches are not the only luxury watches out there by far, but
    they are the most well-known. From basic entry-level luxury models to
    diamond-encrusted gold watches for the ultra-privileged, a Rolex is so
    much more than a mere timepiece. It is a statement about your way of
    life and taste. Some people take it even further; the world of
    aftermarket Rolex watches feature decorated brims and jewel encrusted
    designs, suggesting that telling time becomes a mere afterthought.

    Other watches also want to be like Rolex, whose designs are the most
    copied the world over. Most of these watches legitimize “homage”
    timepieces with a different brand name, but there is of course the
    dark underworld of fakes as well. You’ll find at least a little of
    Rolex design in the majority of nice watches out there. So, even if
    you don’t have a watch with the Rolex name, chances are there is a bit
    of Rolex influence. You can’t deny that even if Rolex watch designs
    don’t move you, a big part of you wants one.

    Rolex watches have excellent movements

    Being a company that makes all of its own parts (rare in the watch
    world), it goes without saying that Rolex makes each of its own
    movements (historically, this was not always the case), excluding
    other watch companies from using Rolex mechanical movements. While
    Rolex is not known in the modern sense for having particularly complex
    movements (it offers basic watches with features such as the time,
    date, day, or a chronograph), it is preferred by watch makers to work
    on being so well designed, easy to fix and highly reliable. As such,
    almost every Rolex movement sold is COSC certified Chronometer
    attesting to its accuracy.

    Rolex watches hold value

    Among the few truly collectible watch brands from a value perspective
    are Rolex timepieces. It has been said that you can buy a new Rolex
    Submariner today, wear it for five years, and then sell it in good
    condition for close to the original purchase price. Like cars, most
    other watches lose a chunk of their value after being sized and put on
    a buyer’s wrist. There are also the investment-grade Rolex watches
    that achieve stellar auction results yielding some of the most
    impressive prices ever known at an auction. This is due to the power
    behind the Rolex name and brand, as well as the world’s fervor for
    these “gold standard” super watches.


    Let’s get one thing straight: Rolexes are for people that know names
    but don’t know watches. For the price Rolex charges, you can buy
    dozens of other watches that are better looking, more accurate, much
    less common, and don’t make you look like you're an overweight white
    man coming off the golf course. Consider this: When former model Carla
    Bruni hooked up with newly minted French president Nicolas Sarkozy,
    the very first thing she did was make him swap out his gold Rolex for
    a much more refined Patek Philippe. Rolexes reek of desperation.

    No one in their right mind should spend their hard earned money on a
    new Rolex. Here's why.

    Rolex movements are over-hyped

    First, the movement quality of your run-of-the-mill Rolex is nothing
    special. In fact, many much more affordable Swiss watches use
    movements that keep time just as well. To add insult to injury, there
    are even some Chinese, Japanese and Russian movements that are just as
    -- if not more -- accurate as a standard Rolex movement.

    Rolex watches look stale

    Rolex’s designs are stale. This brand hasn’t released a truly new
    model in over a decade, and the majority of the watches it makes today
    are exact duplicates of the watches it made half a century ago. In
    fact, the biggest innovation it has made in recent years is a new
    metal called “Rolesor,” which is heavily advertised as a great new
    substance for watchmaking. Guess what; it’s just steel and gold.

    Rolex stories are nothing but a myth

    All those stories you hear about Rolexes being chosen as the watch for
    great adventures are only half true. For example, Rolex claims Sir
    Edmund Hillary wore an Explorer when he scaled the summit of Mount
    Everest for the first time. This is not the case. In fact, he only
    carried the Explorer until he reached the summit and then put on a
    watch from a small British company called Smiths. Hillary even wrote a
    signed letter endorsement to Smiths stating: “I carried your watch to
    the summit and it worked perfectly.” Rolex also submitted a watch to
    NASA in the early ‘60s to be considered for use in the moon missions.
    We all know how that turned out.

    Rolex watches are for seniors or rappers

    It is rare for a brand to be considered both stodgy and lame and
    ghetto fabulous at the very same time, yet Rolex has done it. If you
    ask one person on the street what they think of Rolex, they’ll tell
    you their elderly grandfather wears one in between rounds of golf and
    his daily 2 p.m. nap. If you ask another, they’ll tell you the only
    people that wear Rolexes are athletes and rappers. So which are you, a
    sleepy 85-year-old bald man or an 18-year-old athlete from the hood
    trying to prove his worth to the world?

    Rolex watches are for posers

    If you are not one of the two groups mentioned above, wearing a Rolex
    oozes desperation. Yes, a Rolex is the most recognizable watch on the
    planet -- now is that supposed to be a good thing? Young men that don
    a Rolex are perceived as self-absorbed, insecure and image-obsessed by
    those around them. Essentially, you just look like a douche. Be
    confident enough in yourself and in your sense of style that you don’t
    need to be wearing a veritable calling card of the nouveau riche.

    To rolex or not to rolex? not.

    Rolex is masterful at branding, and mediocre at watchmaking. Do
    yourself a favor and pass on the Submariner, Datejust and Daytona. For
    the price you’ll pay for a new Rolex you can buy a vintage Steve
    McQueen Heuer, an equally high-quality Omega Aqua Terra Chronograph or
    even a limited edition boutique diving watch from Linde Werdelin.
    Don’t be fooled by the Rolex marketing machine. Be your own man and
    the next time someone tries to impress you with a Rolex, sit back and
    try not to make them feel bad about wearing an overpriced,
    under-designed, neon sign of a watch. If all this wasn’t enough to
    make you forget Rolex forever, we’ll leave you with one final
    argument: Tara Reid loves Rolex. If that doesn’t make you run in the
    other direction, we don’t know what will.

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    Feb 2008
    I own a Datejust. I wear it but only on occasions, for daily use I have a Certina DS First...

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    Aug 2004
    And here I thought you were going to ask if you should get a Rolex.

    My answer would have been: Are you ready to become a DOM, yet?

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2010
    I'd prefer an IWC than a rolex, then again, I don't have the money. hanggang certina lang ako hahaha!

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    And here I thought you were going to ask if you should get a Rolex.

    My answer would have been: Are you ready to become a DOM, yet?
    hehehe... I do have a Rolex but I don't like wearing one. I would rather wear my classic Tag Heuer if I do need to wear an "expensive" watch.

    Otherwise, I wear a Timex.

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    Apr 2009
    If I can afford it. why not have it.

    If a person have so much and extra money to spend I think it's nice having

    one. Kanya kanyang hilig lang, like me I like watches but If ever I'll buy

    one now maybe Tag H na lang. Sa ngayon I'm okay with my seiko sports for

    everyday use.

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    Nov 2002
    its an investment watch especially if you took care of it, the older working watch the better, the value increases and dont be contented on a cheap imitation even at class so many A's...

    i bought a a roadster years ago only at 180K the price is 230k the last time i checked...

    invest on a reliable watch, automatic is better, the value of battery operated decreases immensely especially when the battery has been changed ( no matter how expensive the watch is...)

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    Dec 2009
    Maraming magandang brands na iba dyan. Hublot, IWC, Jaeger, Breguet, Chopard, Blancpain, AP, Vacheron, A Lange, Patek etc.

    Pinoys go for the same old brands kasi like Rolex, Lacoste, Fundador...GASGAS mga na yan. Kahit mga galing SAUDI meron nyan. Mga tindero sa HK Roleks din ang suot.

    Rolex is mostly marketing Hype. In fact, the name Rolex was chosen because it was short, catchy and is easy to read even by speakers of different languages. It doesn't mean anything.

    And its not rare, Rolex makes about 800,000 watches yearly.

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    Nov 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by ghosthunter View Post
    hehehe... I do have a Rolex but I don't like wearing one. I would rather wear my classic Tag Heuer if I do need to wear an "expensive" watch.

    Otherwise, I wear a Timex.
    You have but you don't like wearing one? Why?

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    Dec 2005

    I don't want to buy a Rolex....


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