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    Sep 2011
    Paano pala mag embed ng youtube video.

    Ang galing ng netherlands. Nung una nag-giba sila ng builidings para gamitin road sa kotse pero dahil hindi maganda nangyari because of child death, oil crisis eh bumalik sila sa cycling. Ok ah they value life.

    Nung 1970s nung puro kotse pa ang laki ng child death compared nung binalik yung cycling.

    How the Dutch got their cycle paths - YouTube

    "The solution was found in the political will on a national and municipal level with both decision makers and planners to deal with the situation by turning away from car centric policies and making way for alternative transport like cycling. Cyling is now an intrical part of transport policies."

    and what success did the protester have

    Child Death
    1971- 400 plus
    2010- 14

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    Oct 2002
    Unfortunately they used something the pinoy politician will never have.... political will.

How the Dutch got their cycle paths