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    Mar 2006
    apparently karma did it for gringo. plus his relationship w/ ingrid ramos is rife w/ speculations. the plot thickens

    Betrayal begets betrayal
    By Jaime Laude
    The Philippine Star 11/17/2006

    Disgruntled former military colleagues of ex-senator Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan betrayed the fugitive politician and provided information to the military and police that led to his arrest in Quezon City, military sources disclosed yesterday.

    "Easily said, he was betrayed by some people whom he also betrayed earlier," said a source from the intelligence community who declined to identify the people who gave Honasan away.

    After nine months in hiding, Honasan was nabbed at about 2:30 a.m. last Wednesday while trying to escape from a unit at the Enclave Townhouse in Greenmeadows subdivision, Quezon City, a posh residential area behind the Armed Forces headquarters at Camp Aguinaldo.

    Sources said the information provided by the "assets" was the lead that resulted in Honasanís arrest.

    "These people were so close to the former senator (Honasan) before... they know of his movements and activities," another source told The STAR.

    The sources said the disgruntled colleagues of Honasan included former soldiers who were dismissed from the service after joining Honasan in various coup attempts against then President Corazon Aquino in 1987 and 1989.

    The ex-soldiers blamed Honasan for destroying the careers of promising junior officers that joined the coup attempts.

    Sources said the breakthrough leading to Honasanís capture

    actually came in June, four months after the former senator went into hiding after he was again implicated in the foiled coup attempt that was supposed to be launched during the EDSA People Power anniversary celebration last Feb. 24.

    Honasanís warrant of arrest was, however, issued for the rebellion charges filed against him for his alleged participation in the Oakwood mutiny on July 27, 2003 in Makati.

    The source said acting on the information provided by Honasanís former associates, the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) immediately assigned two units from the Military Intelligence Group, MIG-21 and MIG-24 to track down the former senator.

    After it was established that Honasan was regularly visiting a townhouse in Greenmeadows, an intricate trap was laid out to corner the fugitive.

    The source added that military agents "planted" inside the subdivision also discovered that Honasanís host at the townhouse where he was frequently seen was a woman in her late 40s identified as Ingrid Ramos.

    Sources claimed that Ramos and Honasan are lovers and even had a child. The report, however, is not yet verified.

    During the raid at the townhouse, the source claimed that it was Honasan, in fact, who was more nervous than Ramos.

    "Mas worried si Gringo kaysa kay Ingrid," the source described the behavior of the two after the raid.

    He added that Ramos was supposed to be arrested for harboring Honasan, a fugitive from the law, but "somebody" prevailed upon the military and police raiders.

    Honasanís capture was a result of human intelligence with some technical support both coming from the ISAFP and the Armyís Intelligence Service Group (ISG), the source said.

    When everything was already in order and the actual trap would be executed, the ISAFP leadership decided to invite the police to join the operation and let them serve the warrant of arrest against Honasan.

    "Efforts ng ISAFP lahat, invited lang sila (PNP)," said the source.

    He said the military and police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) agents initially followed Honasan when he went out of his motherís house at Industrial Valley subdivision in Marikina on board a maroon Toyota Revo, which cruised around Metro Manila before proceeding to Greenmeadows.

    The source said the operation was a success because of the valuable information provide by the "assets."

    "Without them he (Honasan) could be still on the loose until now," the source said.

    He said the military is now working with the Philippine National Police for the release of the P5 million reward offered by the government to the informant who could provide leads resulting in the arrest of Honasan.

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    Jan 2005
    wahahahahaha karma!

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    Aug 2005
    di pala nagtago si Gringo...nagtanan pala sila ni Ingrid....palusot kay misis....Honey, alis muna ako may coup planning kami ni Pres. Ramos.:***:


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    Nov 2006
    dapat title ng thread "Gringo Cornered"

    tatakas pa siya eh pero huli naman at nagayos pa ng pantalon, bakit kaya

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    Jul 2005
    walang kwenta at pinanganak na sinungaling na tao...galing magpaikot pero ngayon marami na rin ang walang tiwala sa kanya within the armed forces.

    ngayon lagot sya sa asawa nya.

    kahit wala si gringo nung edsa it wont make a difference..ganun parin yun.

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    Mar 2005
    bibigay ba yun 5M sa mga naghudas?

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    Nov 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue View Post
    bibigay ba yun 5M sa mga naghudas?
    hindi ko pa natatanggap

    isang tao lng un db?solo nia ung 5M.. kung ibbgay nga

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    Sep 2004
    Sources claimed that Ramos and Honasan are lovers and even had a child.
    Kung totoo nga, ano kaya pangalan nung bata?

    Gringo + Ingrid = Gringrid?

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    Aug 2005
    Soldier of the people daw....PWE!!!

    Nakuha na ba ng misis nya ang 5 million?

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    Feb 2006
    Pero mga bro, talaga daw susuko na sya kaya nag iikot sa manila...hanep ginawa pang engot mga pinoy! Susuko daw tapos ng makita tumakbo! Buti nga napilayan. Balak na namang kumandidato....ang kapal talaga! Sana matalo na this time!!!

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